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Here are a few testimonials from happy clients.


The bloodroot salve applied to suspicious small areas in my skin, responded beautifully and my body ejected the cancer. So happy I didn’t have to go under the knife.


Received the salve in a short time, here in the US. The product is more than enough for both my husband and I to use. We tag teamed our suspicious spots and both got good results. I believe we have found a miracle salve.


I was diagnosed with BCC on my ear and was told I need Mohs surgery. I decided to try an alternative method and heard about the black salve. It took all of the BCC out with a nice long root attached. I was amazed what bloodroot salve can do. Much better alternative than surgery which by the way they had scheduled a plastic surgeon and was going to take skin off my thigh to make a graph. Sounded horrible! This was so much easier!