How to Use Bloodroot Paste


Bloodroot Paste is a mixture of the same four herbs that you find in bloodroot salve, and it’s made with water and clay. 

Uses of Bloodroot Paste

It’s used to remove small skin growths that are surface, and visible. Examples are moles, warts, keratoses, skin tags and other neoplasms. The paste is not 100% for every lesion, but people often report lesions shrinking away. 

It is rare to experience any pain when using the paste. An eschar or scab rarely forms when you use bloodroot paste. If there is an inflammatory reaction, with heat, redness, and soreness, DISCONTINUE using the bloodroot paste, and wait for the eschar to come out. 

How to Use the Paste

Apply paste to the spot and cover with a dressing. For sake of convenience, just leave it on overnight. You can apply a little every night. It may take as long as one month to see the results.


For animals, if it’s difficult to keep the paste on, or cover the spot, Just apply a little with your finger. You can do this a few times during the day. Licking the salve is not harmful to the animal; in fact it will be beneficial. 

Otherwise, put on fresh paste every second day. Discontinue use if there is an inflammatory reaction. If an eschar forms, which is rare, you will have to try to keep it covered if the animal might scrape it off.