Youtube like Mainstream opinion

It’s certainly not an easy endeavor to be pro-active in promoting ideas and opinions that are not necessarily mainstream and popular. This is true in many areas of life, including politics, opinions about health issues, philosophy, and many more. Youtube provides one of many platforms for expressing such opinions, but they are becoming more and more censorious as time goes by.

See Facebook, Facebook, uber alles …

Fortunately, there are always the pro-active and brave people amongst us who are willing to go the extra mile, put in the effort, and make their point, consequences be damned.

See this graphic slide show in the form of a Youtube video of many bloodroot salve treatments, including the Author’s.

For example, a melanoma treatment, and others.

(Read “salve” not “slave” into the title).

There are quite a number of videos available, for example:

Also see: