Detox for Better Disease-Fighting


How Your Body Eliminates Toxins

The body has seven channels by which it can remove toxins and waste, and they work together.

We are exposed to toxins every day, from motor exhaust, pollution, chemicals in food, personal care products and plastics.

The most important way to help your body eliminate toxins is through dietary changes. But here are the seven channels of detox, and how to support your health by understanding them.


This is the largest organ of your body. It can absorb both good and bad chemicals and this is why you should be very choosy about your personal care products. Clean your skin with gentle products, dry well, and try dry brushing to stimulate the skin and underlying blood vessels and lymphatics. Having a sauna encourages sweating and waste removal.


Take exercise and practice deep breathing in fresh air daily. Lungs, like skin, absorb and also give out gaseous waste. They also help regulate your acid-alkaline balance. Avoid the spray deodorants than get up your nose! Cook with coconut oil or olive oil to avoid the fumes from rancid polyunsaturated oils (even though they may seem ‘fresh.’)


Gotta love your liver! It does amazing work, removing waste from the bloodstream. (And it does many other functions). To naturally detoxify the liver, choose antioxidant-rich foods and beverages, minimize alcohol consumption and avoid carbonated drinks. Google Search liver cleanses, and choose one that suits you. This will remove gallstones as well. 

Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a large network of vessels and nodes that runs through the tissues of the body.

It protects your body from illness and disease. When it doesn’t function properly, you feel fatigued and sick. To protect your lymphatic system, avoid processed foods and eat whole foods instead. You can also get a lymphatic massage, exercise, and sit in a sauna, as sweating relieves congestion and purges toxins from this system. One of the most effective ways to assist your lymphatic system is to drink warm water throughout the day.

Blood: The blood transports nutrients and other substances to organs within the body. By detoxifying the blood, it will be better equipped to carry nutrients throughout the body. Eating foods rich in chlorophyll provides you with nutrients for cellular regeneration. Eliminating sugar is extremely important as well. Drinking plenty of filtered water to hydrate your body and eating plenty of fiber helps here. Sweating is a great way to move toxins from the blood as well.

Bowels: A healthy colon breaks down the various nutrients you consume within a day. The colon also eliminates waste from the body through feces. To maximize colon health, eat plenty of high-fiber foods (shoot for at least 25 grams of fiber per day) and hydrate your body in appropriate ways.

Kidneys: The kidneys eliminate waste by producing urine. Dehydration is one of the main causes of ineffective kidney detoxification. By properly hydrating your body and eating an alkaline diet, you can optimize kidney function.

A healthy and pain-free detox can be achieved without expensive supplements or therapies. By eating nutritious foods, exercising, and drinking pure filtered water, you can support immune function and overall health by purifying your main detox channels. Toxins are bio-accumulative so safe minimal exposure limits aren’t really safe at all.

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