Gabi’s Story

I ordered Bloodroot capsules with Cat’s Claw for me and my daughter.
After my breast cancer development in 2009 with radiation therapy, I refused to take the drugs prescribed by the hospital. In 2012, breast cancer was again diagnosed. I flew to the US and consulted an alternative doctor who suggested to me the use of bloodroot and enzymes, a resounding success! Since then, I have been taking enzymes and Bloodroot capsules regularly and feel great. Since last summer, I have also treated suspicious molesters with Gentle Salve and completely disappeared.
My daughter was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the fourth stage in spring 2016. She was strongly recommended for surgery and medication, but she refused. In July, she visited our alternative doctor in Florida and recommended the use of Bloodroot capsules high doses. This time he recommended us Zenith Herbal capsules. After taking about four months, a follow-up with my daughter in November only gave stage 2. She takes one capsule daily to prevent.
We will order again !!!

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