Herbal Product vs Pharma Product Regulation

We have all noticed how the regulation of Pharma products differs from that of herbal products. Big Pharma produces drugs that kill and damage many people, and they lie about products. Deaths caused by the medical system amount to six jumbo jets of people crashing each day in the USA alone.  And the worst that happens is a fine!  There is no criminal action. Ever. Pharma may not be sued for vaccine damage, courtesy of the government. (Do you ever wonder why Pharma wanted this? Or how they got it? The government – well, you, really – pay out for successful cases… and it’s billions of dollars.)

On the other hand, if a herb, mineral or vitamin product is suspected to have caused a problem or reaction in even one person, there is outrage. No matter that the person took far more than the recommended dose, or mixed it with other supplements or drugs. “It caused harm. Get rid of it.” FDA uses a different set of regulations for natural alternative choices. Herbal producers are jailed, dragged through court for years, businesses closed, and funds confiscated. Paypal accounts are revoked, Amazon accounts are closed down, and Facebook pages and identities disappear. And all this without definitive proof. Only suspicion.

If the same standards were used for pharma products very few would exist! The lists of side-effects on drug inserts are absolutely horrific.

FDA vs Caton

Greg Caton

Greg Caton, of AlphaOmega Labs and “Cansema” fame, found out the hard way that the FDA and the medical industry have no interest in the truth. Here’s the Sue Gilliatt story.

It’s an example of how the FDA ignores truth while supporting Pharmaceutical companies.

The Sue Gilliatt Story

Sue Gilliatt

In 2003 Sue Gilliatt sued Greg Caton. She initially claimed that Cansema caused her to lose her nose.

Disgustingly,  in a sworn deposition, Sue Gilliatt admitted under oath that she planned to sue Greg before she ever received any product and that it was not Cansema that caused the damage. In fact, she removed her own nose with embroidery scissors. She had also planned to sue another manufacturer.

One of Greg’s associates remarked in the aftermath, “I guess it really helps your product liability case if you’re completely psychotic.”

In spite of these admissions, Sue Gilliatt was awarded $800,000. None of the facts made any difference to the U.S. Federal sentencing judge. Tucker Melançon imprisoned Greg for 33 months as a direct result of the Gilliatt matter. Truth does not seem to count when you make herbal products.