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Effective Skin Cancer Treatment Targeted by Queensland Health and the Cairns Post

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This woman patient was completely healed of a nasty cancer on her nose after an application of black salve. There was no scarring and her nose today is unblemished

Black salve is the most effective, natural skin cancer remedy available today. It has saved thousands of lives worldwide, leaving the $30 billion Australian pharmaceutical industry stewing in its wake.

According to the Cairns Post of April 21, Queensland Health has arrived in Cairns on a witch hunt trying to source one of the hundreds of suppliers of black salve, who are found across the nation.

The Cairns Post published a hotline number to dob in black salve suppliers. Big Pharma’s tentacles hve reached a Murdoch newspaper in north Queensland, Australia.

News Ltd has never published the fact that doctors and big pharma manage to kill a reported 25,000 patients under their medical care each year in Australia.

Cairnsnews has seen dozens of testimonials to black salve where users have sworn by its effectiveness. This writer has used it and has seen the results in others, and it left no scarring or had any adverse side effect.

One elderly Atherton patient was sent home from hospital to die, suffering from a huge malignant ulcer on his leg. He told the hospital he did not want his leg amputated. A relative treated him with black salve and within two months, his leg had healed and he was walking on it.

Cairnsnews suggests that readers ignore the unlawful activities of Queensland Health and keep using black salve.


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