I hope to answer some recurring questions about why we don’t take payments by credit card directly here. The answer lies in your safety and security, and ours too.

Can I pay with my credit card then?

Yes, you can. 

Open a Paypal account, link your credit card to it, and the payment will be deducted from your credit card when you buy something. Opening a Paypal account is dead easy. You can also link your bank account directly to your Paypal account, as an alternative method for paying for purchases.

Do it once, and after that you can pay most places with Paypal. The same would go for an Amazon account.

You don’t need to put funds into your Paypal account. It just links to your credit card or your bank account.


Why paying with your credit card directly is a really bad idea

Keep your information secure!
Keep your information secure!

When you “give” an online seller your credit card details, you are quite literally doing just that – giving them your credit card. Ask yourself: would you walk into an unknown shop and hand your credit card over to the guy behind the counter and ask him to store it for you? Really?

Giving your VISA card details directly to vendors is a REALLY bad idea. It’ll end up in Nigeria at some point, for sure. Hackers are always looking for vulnerable online shops to extract credit card data. Believe me, not everyone is as focused on website security as we are. We understand the risks, and we certainly don’t want the responsibility of storing your credit card details. 

So BE CAREFUL on the internet. Use Paypal or Amazon to make your payments. Nothing else.

I hope that understanding this will keep you safe and make online purchases easy to perform.