Bloodroot Capsules :: Double Strength :: 100 Capsules

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The original and first bloodroot capsules we ever formulated!

  • Double Strength: twice as much herb
  • 100 capsules per bottle @ 250mg per capsule
  • Size #0 Capsules containing 100% fresh herbs
  • Instructions for Use

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81 reviews for Bloodroot Capsules :: Double Strength :: 100 Capsules

  1. Jodie

    I had no clinical diagnosis for which I needed to treat but had two lumps in my legs that reacted time after time with the salve but for some reason could not quite pull the lumps completely out – thought I would try the capsules and attack from the inside out – after one week of taking the capsules there was a reduction in size of both lumps – I also nticed other changes happening in my body which I can only assume is the capsules directing their attention to something else internally that was suspect in the intestinal pathways

  2. Kae Linn

    I used BS on a mole that was on my back and had changed it’s appearance over the years. I ended up with 4 Eschars total coming from that spot. All healed up now and ready to take on a new mole. I am currently taking the capsules as an extra precaution. I am so grateful for this product! Thank you so much!

  3. Angela (verified owner)

    I use the capsules as well as the salve and together they done miracles in my body.

  4. Carolyn Wiltshire (verified owner)

    I have used the salve several times with varying success…a couple of treatment sites were left with scars , and two sites left with some very purple marks left to fade over time. I continue to treat some spots.
    I took the capsules as a preventative measure, as I was quite curious after reading many posts on the internet. I gradually built up to 6 caps per day and took the 100 caps over about a 1 month period.
    I had no reaction whatsoever with any moles/tags etc. I felt perfectly normal , so I guess that I am ‘clean’ inside.
    The buying/selling transaction with Zenith was also perfectly normal. I have no complaints anywhere.

  5. Dave Parke (verified owner)

    I trust this company. A mix up in the order was corrected immediately with no expense and zero hassle to me. Looking forward to using the bloodroot salve and capsules soon.

  6. Billie B (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and excellent costumer service. I bought these for my partner who has a brain tumour. Will update with results

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Product Features

  • No fillers
  • Users report multiple powerful health benefits
  • Each capsule contains 250 mg pure herbs
  • Contains Bloodroot, Graviola, Chaparral and Galangal (62.5mg of each herb)
  • CLEAR GELATIN CAPSULES: No preservatives, additives, or GMO – Kosher and Halal

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Dimensions2 × 2 × 4 in