Bloodroot Capsules :: Double Strength :: 100 Capsules

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The original and first bloodroot capsules we ever formulated!

  • Double Strength: twice as much herb
  • 100 capsules per bottle @ 250mg per capsule
  • Size #0 Capsules containing 100% fresh herbs
  • Instructions for Use

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81 reviews for Bloodroot Capsules :: Double Strength :: 100 Capsules

  1. Aafke McPhie (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery and packaging, I take 1 capsule as a preventative daily, my husbands readings for his prostate were high and going up really fast, we started him on the full course until his biopsy results came back and the results came back negative, the latest bloodtests show the readings even further down, and this is now only taking 1 capsule a day, Our older Border Collie was very sick with pancreatitis at Christmas time and the vet didn’t give her much time, this is now 6 months later on a quarter capsule in some milk daily, still acts like a puppy! The best product out and I have been using the salve for over 15 years now,

  2. Judy

    I was diagnosed with bladder cancer 5 months ago. I have elected to treat myself with Bloodroot instead of surgery or the hospital’s cures of poison. I go the 7th to have my bladder checked and will then know how its going. I am going to start with the triple strength next time i order. My family have been using black salve for years. It really pulls those skin cancers out by the roots. The oncologist said that if I didn’t have my bladder taken out I would only live 2 more years. Well, I am out to prove her wrong. I love how quickly I get my orders from Zenith.

  3. Darrell Barnett (verified owner)

    Shipping and packaging excellent.
    My wife and I use the capsules just as a preventative, I have been using them for 8 months now and have noticed lumps that were all over the back of my calves have almost disappeared, doctors have tried to burn them off with liquid nitrogen but they always came back but 3 times the size, I am very happy with this result so far. I take 2 caps daily, definitely with my food or just before otherwise you will taste them after. I was referred by a friend to the bloodroot, he is fighting bowel cancer, given 2 years by his surgeon after 2 operations and no more treatment available to him, when he started taking them his cancer readings in his blood tests reduced dramatically, he has been on them for 12 months so far, his 2 years is almost up and he is still fighting the good fight, he still has cancer inside him but he has something to fight it with when the doctors gave up, and he now has hope.

  4. Rhonda aka Dekyong Sun (verified owner)

    Holding back from taking these capsules, until my life allows me to focus on the detox. I feel, with the information supplied by you, that it will do me a lot of good and I appreciate that you are so free with your information to someone who is basically self medicating. It’s very empowering. So thank you.

  5. Kaye Whitman (verified owner)

    So far I have not had any real issues, I pushed it a little fast and got headaches a few days, but cut back some and got that under control. The tumor got much bigger for awhile and is now getting smaller. I also had a cyst that drained. I think the bloodroot helped that along too. In a few more weeks I will apply the BS to draw out any remaining tumor cells. I just wonder if I can use the pills to make a salve if I ever need some before getting the salve in from you.

    I will say delivery was very fast and you have been very helpful in answering questions during this journey.

    • Hugh Varange (store manager)

      Hi Kaye. Thanks for the kind words. No, you cannot make salve from the capsules, better just get the real thing. Hugh

    • Ruth Driver

      You can use the capsule powder to make paste but not salve.

  6. Louise Barnhart (verified owner)

    I bought this for treatment of my metastasized thyroid cancer. I bought it, took it to my endocrinologist. The Dr. took a list of the ingredients of this product, studied and analyzed them, and solidly discouraged me from ingesting any. I returned the product immediately after receiving my Doctor’s recommendation.

    • Hugh Varange (store manager)

      The level of gullibility here is just amazing, in my view. “The Dr. took a list of the ingredients of this product, studied and analyzed them”. Really? How? He wouldn’t have the faintest knowledge of herbal treatments: this is not something that is taught at western medical schools.

      Anyway, the best of luck with the “standard” treatment.

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Product Features

  • No fillers
  • Users report multiple powerful health benefits
  • Each capsule contains 250 mg pure herbs
  • Contains Bloodroot, Graviola, Chaparral and Galangal (62.5mg of each herb)
  • CLEAR GELATIN CAPSULES: No preservatives, additives, or GMO – Kosher and Halal

Additional information

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Dimensions2 × 2 × 4 in