Bloodroot Salve with DMSO (Deep Tissue) in Glass Jar, 25ml, Free Domestic Shipping


The famous original Bloodroot Salve from Zenith Herbal.

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72 reviews for Bloodroot Salve with DMSO (Deep Tissue) in Glass Jar, 25ml, Free Domestic Shipping

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  1. mychele (verified owner)

    I have used this to remove the “old man growths”/skin tags on my 2 yellow labs. I did speak with my vet, who told me that she knew of a vet years ago that recommended this in place of surgery to remove those ugly “skin tags”… She did tell me to be very careful with placing the Balm ONLY on the growth and not on healthy skin. I trimmed the fur away with a scissor so I could see exactly where I was placing the balm. After it fell off a couple of times, I just re-applied, until a bloody mess fell off, and what was left was a red dot and clean pink skin. It’s healing great, the “skin tag” is gone! and the hair is growing back! What a great alternative to a vet bill/surgery!!!! This product is AWESOME – thanks Hugh!

    • Hugh Varange

      Thanks for taking the time to document this, Mychele! Great outcome.

  2. caryn_cowin (verified owner)

    Great, effective product. I have successfully treat 4 areas, and have several more to go. Thank you!

    • Hugh Varange

      Thank you!

  3. redpath (verified owner)

    So grateful to have found Zenith Herbal and bloodroot salve. I have melanoma and the dermatologist is always finding something to cut out of my skin and biopsy. I get concerned that when they cut on an area they could be potentially spreading the cancer cells if it is cancer. Now, I thank them for pointing out the area to me and I use bloodroot salve to see if it has a reaction. When it does, I let the salve remove the area needed. No more cutting on me and I am so happy about that!

  4. Sri (verified owner)

    I have inflammatory breast cancer and i have salve few suspected area. Within 10 days the scab fell off. It also healing fast. Would like to try the capsule

  5. Page Fairfield (verified owner)

    I used the bloodroot salve on a small, self diagnosed, squamous cell cancer I had on my neck. It worked exactly as the instructions said it would. Because of the location (in that hollow between the clavicals) it was a little difficult to keep the salve pressed against the tumor. I reapplied every 12 hours for 5 or 6 applicatons. Then I left it off. It has been 9 days now and I am with a small scab that is ready to fall off anytime.

  6. Dave Barlet (verified owner)

    After several years of too much sun, every time the sun touched my head, my head would start to burn immediately. My head also had continual scabs and rough spots that wouldn’t heal.After using the bloodroot salve, while not overexposing my head, there is no burn anymore and all the scabs and rough spots have gone away!

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More Features

  • Supplied in an Amber Glass Jar
  • Contains Bloodroot, Graviola, Chaparral, and Galangal
  • Contains Zinc Chloride
  • Bonus: Contains DMSO for improved skin penetration
  • Contains 25ml, which is more than you will need
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    • First Class Mail is free
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Weight2.57 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in

Amber Glass Jar 25ml


Bloodroot, Chaparral, DMSO, Galangal, Graviola, Zinc Chloride



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