Gentle Bloodroot Salve in Glass Jar with DMSO (Deep Tissue) 25ml, Free Domestic Shipping

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Update on 21 December 2019

Our last stock was sold today and we will not be making this product any longer. Please use the “normal” salve. You can mix the normal salve 50/50 with Aloe Vera Gel (only the amount that you need; not the entire jar) to make it more gentle.

As always remember to help the wound heal after the treatment with Zen Healing Balm.

Product Features

  • Supplied in an amber Glass Jar to protect against light
  • Bloodroot salve with Aloe Vera Gel for a more gentle action
  • Also ideal for re-applications and resalving
  • Contains Bloodroot, Graviola, Chaparral, Galangal, Aloe Vera Gel
  • Contains Zinc and DMSO
  • See the Instructions for Use

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16 reviews for Gentle Bloodroot Salve in Glass Jar with DMSO (Deep Tissue) 25ml, Free Domestic Shipping

  1. Kimberly Carroll (verified owner)

    I love the gentle bloodroot salve for reapplications. It still does the job but gives a little break to my sensitive skin.

  2. Baris (verified owner)

    The “Gentle” does not work as well as the regular salve. It only penetrated a very thin surface layer of the wart and did not create a deep eschar.

  3. Ron & Dianne Harman (verified owner)

    I purchased the Bloodroot salve to help eliminate many skin cancers that my husband has as he has had enough of being ‘cut up’ by Drs.This has worked wonders for him and we are very happy with the results we are seeing.We have used Black salve in the past but the gentle Bloodroot salve is a much more comfortable result. We do strongly recommend it.

  4. Diane (verified owner)

    I am taking 9 bloodroot capsules a day and they are shrinking a breast tumor. I have had breast cancer since 2015 and have been taking natural remedies. The bloodroot capsules have made a huge difference compared to other products that I an taking. I also have the black salve on board just in case I have to use it.

  5. Dawn Lotharius

    Truly amazing, I love this stuff. My husband and I have been taking the caps internally, and that made spots surface, so I have been able to treat them topically as well. Yes, it can be a bit painful when the bloodroot latches on to cancerous or pre-cancerous tissue, but that’s to be expected. What would it feel like if a doctor took a knife to it? This process is more holistic, it goes at the compromised cells and takes no prisoners, leaving all healthy tissue and cells alone. Expect redness, some swelling at sites, pussing and of course the eschar. Be patient, it will hurt at first then calm down and heal. It takes awhile, so protect the site; allowing the eschar to fall of naturally is important, eps if you don’t want scars. Use the healing salve, and you will heal beautifully. THIS IS HOW WE TAKE BACK OUR HEALTH FROM CORRUPT PHARMA, REGAIN OUR PERSONAL POWER.

    • Hugh (store manager)

      Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  6. Jeannine Varner (verified owner)

    I have trouble following directions, orders and recipes….. I’ve always done it my way. Lazy? Don’t know. Just wanted to let you know my the site of my skin cancer, once had surgery. It came back and I used BS on it. I applied whenever gauze got wet, so about every two – three days. Finally got spot, that turned into two more tiny spots, fell out. I never have pain when I salve; I can’t understand why I don’t experience what I’ve read from others on pain. I did get a few teen stings that seemed to come for about 8 seconds, then disappear………. I am diabetic and some injuries seem to leave a reddish-brown area. So when I try to salve on my lower jaw, this coming December, I’ll be worried that I’ll have a permanent boo-boo on my face forever… Guess I’ll see. Thanks for making this product available. j

  7. Darla

    Can you buy this in Canada

    • Hugh (store manager)


  8. Carla Tyler (verified owner)

    Excellent product for small sensitive areas. We have used Bloodroot products for a very long time, and thank you for keeping them available. Makes skin problems simple to fix. Thanks.

  9. Dale Francis (verified owner)

    Perfect for sensitive areas, not as harsh or painful as the normal Bloodroot salve which I use on other areas. Had no problems getting it delivered in Australia. It really works, non cancerous areas it has no effect on at all, but you know within a few hours if you have found a cancerous spot. Truly amazing product.

  10. Julie

    I just want to say thank you for formulating this gentle salve. I have used black salve for a few years and have currently been salving a spot on my hip with a standard salve. It has been stubborn to release so when a third application was required I was afraid to apply it for fear of the pain. I applied my newly acquired Zenith gentle salve and barely felt any pain at all. What a god send! Site appears to be progressing well and I’m hoping this will be the last application.

    • Hugh (store manager)

      Hi Julie. What a great outcome! Well done.

  11. Daniel Chisholm

    This product is great, and reasonably priced. I’m 65 now and there’s always a spot or two of compromised skin to renew. Work real well for me. Thanks.

  12. christy (verified owner)

    I bought the gentle salve to treat some basil cell cancers. i have had several of the removed many years ago and knew i had some suspicious spots and I’m not a big fan of doctors these days so i was thrilled to find Zeniths products. I have salved several spots( currently up to salve # 15) and find the process fascinating and not scary at all. i have even salved spots that weren’t suspicious just to see what happens. of course there was no reaction in those areas. I find the bloodroot has so much knowledge that it knows what its doing. I am grateful to our creator for giving us what we need to heal ourselves. I am also grateful to Zenith Herbal for making these amazing products and standing behind them . blessings

  13. Sabrina (verified owner)

    I love this salve. I have a long history of skin cancers and have been having them removed surgically. After the last surgery resulted in 21 stitches, I thought it was time to try something more natural and less traumatic. This salve is wonderful and has removed numerous suspicious spots. It does not affect healthy tissue, only spots that are abnormal. Highly recommend.

  14. Gabi Koller (verified owner)

    Wonderful salve!
    Bought the Gentle Salve to treat a suspicious spot in my face. Started very carefully. It tickled a little bit so I knew there is something going on and I used it more generously. Then it got swollen, tickled and after about a week it fell off this morning. Though there is a deep hole at the moment I am very happy. Today I started using Zen Healing Balm and hope it will work just as well.
    Thank you for this great product

    • Ruth Driver

      Thank you Gabi, and congratulations on the good result 🙂

  15. Matthew B (verified owner)

    Best and only product out there for truly getting rid of dermatofibromas (without them being cut out surgically, leaving a scar – and then can grow back). Skin goes back to almost completely normal (like nothing was ever there with a little discoloration perhaps). You may need to reapply a few times to totally get rid of one as some are very stubborn. Burns a bit and area where applied gets red and swollen – but it’s all worth it (trust me – it’s very, very safe to use). I rate it a 10+. It is fabulous for other skin issues as well.

    • Hugh (store manager)

      Thanks a stack for that great review!

  16. Andrew G (verified owner)

    A great product! Perfect for sensitive areas of the body. Works quickly and effectively. A very nice blend. Keep up the great work Zenith Herbal Team. All of your products are A++ quality. Thank you for helping me.

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Aloe Vera, Bloodroot, Chaparral, DMSO, Galangal, Graviola, Zinc Chloride




Amber Glass Jar 25ml

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