Triple Strength Bloodroot and Cat’s Claw Capsules – 300mg – Free Domestic Shipping

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The most potent Bloodroot Capsules yet!

Most suppliers include about 30mg of Bloodroot in their capsules, and our Double-Strength capsules contain 62mg, these super potent TRIPLE STRENGTH capsules now contain 100mg each!

Standard shipping is, of course, FREE in the USA. Priority Mail (Insured against loss during transit, at only $4.00. 

See the picture of the label for full details.


Your benefits:

  • FEWER CAPSULES TO INGEST: Use far fewer capsules for the same effect. One “Triple-Strength” Capsule contains as much as one-and-a-half “Double-Strength” Capsules, and as much as THREE “normal” capsules available from other vendors. What a relief not having to take handfuls of capsules!
  • BEST PRICE: Consider the cost:
    • One “Triple-Strength” capsule costs 44.8 cents (including shipping),
    • This is the  equivalent of 1.5 “Double-Strength” capsules which would cost 58.2 cents for the same amount of Bloodroot
    • The equivalent of three “normal” capsules which would cost $1.51 for the same effect. Amazing. (By the way, the price for “normal” capsules is based on paying Best-On-Earth $45.21 for 90 capsules including shipping)
  • BEST FORMULATION: We add the herbs that are KNOWN to be effective. No cheap herbs with nice-sounding names, no fillers, no nonsense. Bloodroot, Graviola and Cat’s Claw are what you are looking for. Anything else is just for marketing.
  • RELIABLE SOURCES: Our herbal powders are sourced from a most reliable producer and wholesaler, and we have Certificates of Authenticity for each batch we buy.
  • GREAT SHIPPING: We ship reliably five days a week. The US postal service pick up our parcels at about 1PM every weekday, you get a tracking code, and the USPS is surprisingly reliable. Great value.

As a fan of herbal medicine, you will understand why we cannot make medical claims about Bloodroot or any other herb here (FDA), but I’m sure you know how to research effectively. After all, you have arrived here!

We wish you all the best. Please remember to keep us informed of your progress.

Australians please note: Our friend Darrell resells these on Ebay in Australia and ships them from Australia too.
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24 reviews for Triple Strength Bloodroot and Cat’s Claw Capsules – 300mg – Free Domestic Shipping

* Please Note: This product has not been tested by the FDA. Results may vary. These reviews reflect the reviewers' personal opinion and do not in any way constitute medical, or any other, advice.
  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Hugh hat mich gebeten meine Review in deutsch zu verfassen.
    Ich habe Bloodroot Kapseln mit Cat’s Claw für mich und meine Tochter bestellt.
    Nach meiner Brustkrebspoeration 2009 mit Strahlentherapie weigerte ich mich, die vom Spital vorgeschriebenen Medikamente einzunehmen. 2012 wurde erneut Brustkrebs diagnostiziert. Ich flog in die USA und konsultierte einen alternativ behandelnden Arzt, der mir die Einnahme von Bloodroot und Enzymen vorschlug, ein durchschlagender Erfolg! Seither nehme ich neben Enzyme und Bloodroot Kapseln regelmäßig ein und fühle mich prächtig. Seit vergangenem Sommer habe ich auch verdächtige Muttermale mit Gentle Salve behandelt und vollkommen zum Verschwinden gebracht.
    Bei meiner Tochter wurde im Frühjahr 2016 Gebärmutterhalskrebs im 4. Stadium diagnostiziert. Ihr wurde eine Operation und Medikamentbehandlung dringend empfohlen, was sie allerdings ablehnte. Im Juli besuchte sie unseren alternativ arbeitenden Arzt in Florida und er empfahl die Einnahme von Bloodroot Kapseln hoch dosiert. Diesmal empfahl er uns Zenith Herbal Kapseln. Nach Einnahme von etwa vier Monaten, ergab eine Nachuntersuchung bei meiner Tochter im November nur noch Stadium 2. Sie nimmt nun noch eine Kapsel täglich zur Vorbeugung.
    Wir werden wieder bestellen !!!
    Ich danke Hugh sehr für seine Hilfe, da die Produkte in Europa nicht durch den Zoll kommen !!!!
    Vielen Dank UWE

    • Vielen Dank Gabi! Es ist manchmal schon unglaublich was mit Blutwurz, und viel Mut, moeglich ist! Uebrigens, schickst Du mir bitte Emailadresse dieses Artztes?

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Delivery came in time, product arrived nice and presentable. Professional company. I will be offering more very soon in the near future. Thank you, Dr. Jessica

    • So glad that you were pleased, Dr Jessica 🙂

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I have been using Bloodroot Salve for some years. I have Bowen’s Disease so gave to be very vigilant. Having the salve in hand allows me to treat suspected sites promptly. I have had troublesome cancers removed by surgery when necessary, but I always go down the down Bloodroot Salve path first. It is a great product but in some cases does have its limitations so I always use it knowing that.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Have been using the Bloodroot capsules as preventive measure for some time and have also recommended them to friends with polyps. I am extremely happy with the product. Very easy to order online and prompt delivery in Australia. Customs inspected my order last delivery but it was cleared without problems.

    • Thanks for letting us know! Really useful information.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Very easy to order. Delivered on time. I have ordered and used the salve, the healing balm and 3 bottles of capsules. I have been pleased with the ease of use and the results.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I ordered the Bloodroot Plus Capsules with Graviola and Cat’s Claw for our English Bulldog who had just been diagnosed with advanced osteosarcoma in her left humerus. I followed the instructions for dosing an animal, and probably advanced her more slowly than necessary, trying to intuit and balance how she was tolerating both the dose and the aftereffects of tumor destruction. I don’t feel that we are yet at the ideal dose for her, but nonetheless, she has responded wonderfully. She obviously feels pretty great, with her only problem being experiencing pain with any weight bearing but we have been able to cut back on her pain meds lately. It has been a month since starting the initial doses of bloodroot, and in another month, if this miracle continues, we will return to the vet for another x-ray to compare to the initial one. I will update then……

    • Yes, looking forward to hearing what the results are.. Thanks for sharing!

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