Triple Strength Bloodroot and Cat’s Claw Capsules – 300mg – Free Domestic Shipping

The most potent Bloodroot Capsules yet!

Most suppliers include about 30mg of Bloodroot in their capsules, and our Double-Strength capsules contain 62mg, these super potent TRIPLE STRENGTH capsules now contain 100mg of Bloodroot in addition to the other herbs each!

Standard shipping is, of course, FREE in the USA. Priority Mail (Insured against loss during transit, at only $4.50.

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56 reviews for Triple Strength Bloodroot and Cat’s Claw Capsules – 300mg – Free Domestic Shipping

* Please Note: This product has not been tested by the FDA. Results may vary. These reviews reflect the reviewers' personal opinion and do not in any way constitute medical, or any other, advice.
  1. Jesse Flores (verified owner)

  2. Val Brinkerhoff (verified owner)

  3. Danny B. (verified owner)

    Bought this item for stomach issues. I’ve used bloodroot salve several times to remove skin cancers an it works fantastic! So I figured it would help with my suspect stomach issues. After a couple of weeks taking three capsules a day, I began noticing my degenerative disk in my lower back began to feel much better. It was such a difference I began wondering if it could be the bloodroot. I began to research the bloodroot as well as catsclaw and found it works as an anti-inflammatory. This is the only thing I can contribute the improvement to. Nothing else has helped in the past. Now I’m more active and can walk longer without the pain. I’m taking the capsules regularly now.

  4. Jesse Flores (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality and wonderful customer service.

  6. Tammy W. (verified owner)

    Started my BR Caps. I must say since 2005 I have had severe lower back pain which has increased over the years due to Endemetriosis, Cysts and enlarged Uterus. My Med Ins declined me having surgery as well as denying my appeal. I have been researching BR for some time. I thought id try it and I am pleasantly surprised after taking 2 Caps before bedtime I awoke the next morning without the severe back pain. I went from a 8 in pain to a 1 level. I was AMAZED. I am taking 2 in the morning and 2 before bedtime. I have not been having any bad side effects. I have not found hardly any info on BR being used for Endemetriosis. Yet I will continue to take the BR Caps. Hoping for the best. Also I really am feeling better since I have started taking it.

    • Hugh Varange


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Your benefits:

  • FEWER CAPSULES TO INGEST: Use far fewer capsules for the same effect. One “Triple-Strength” Capsule contains as much as one-and-a-half “Double-Strength” Capsules, and as much as THREE “normal” capsules available from other vendors. What a relief not having to take handfuls of capsules!
  • BEST PRICE: Consider the cost:
    • One “Triple-Strength” capsule costs 44.8 cents (including shipping),
    • This is the  equivalent of 1.5 “Double-Strength” capsules which would cost 58.2 cents for the same amount of Bloodroot
    • The equivalent of three “normal” capsules which would cost $1.51 for the same effect. Amazing. (By the way, the price for “normal” capsules is based on paying Best-On-Earth $45.21 for 90 capsules including shipping)
  • BEST FORMULATION: We add the herbs that are KNOWN to be effective. No cheap herbs with nice-sounding names, no fillers, no nonsense. Bloodroot, Graviola and Cat’s Claw are what you are looking for. Anything else is just for marketing.
  • RELIABLE SOURCES: Our herbal powders are sourced from a most reliable producer and wholesaler, and we have Certificates of Authenticity for each batch we buy.
  • CLEAR GELATIN CAPSULES: No preservatives, additives, or GMO – Kosher and Halal
  • NO FILLERS: Most suppliers add fillers, such as rice powder, to fill the capsules to save on costs. We don’t.
  • GREAT SHIPPING: We ship reliably five days a week. The US postal service pick up our parcels at about 1PM every weekday, you get a tracking code, and the USPS is surprisingly reliable. Great value.

As a fan of herbal medicine, you will understand why we cannot make medical claims about Bloodroot or any other herb here (FDA), but I’m sure you know how to research effectively. After all, you have arrived here!

We wish you all the best. Please remember to keep us informed of your progress.

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150ml PP Capsule Bottle


Bloodroot, Cat's Claw, Graviola

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