Moles are skin growths found anywhere in the face or body. Some moles are flat and small, while others are big and bulging. Some moles are harmless and are something not to worry about, while other moles start to become bothersome. If it’s starting to affect your appearance or rub against your clothes, it’s probably time to consider mole removal. 


Why Consider Mole Removal?

Photo of an abnormal mole

An abnormal mole


When should you consider removing a mole? Is it just because of the appearance? Or is it when it’s starting to bother you when you change clothes? There’s more to it than that. Consider having a mole removed when the color, size, and shape starts to change. This may be an abnormal mole and is a warning sign for skin cancer


It’s important to remove any risk of skin cancer early before it may worsen. If you’re worried about this suspicious mole, you can do two things: see a dermatologist, or opt for natural remedies to remove moles. However, never try to remove a mole with scissors; only go with safe options like bloodroot ointment. 


How To Remove Moles Naturally?


One of the natural remedies to remove moles is by using a bloodroot salveBloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is popular for its strong medicinal properties, especially with removing skin problems such as moles. 


The bloodroot is an effective and cost-efficient way to removes warts, non-cancerous moles, and skin tags with minimal or no scarring. Bloodroot is safe when proper instructions are followed. 


Why Is Bloodroot Effective For Mole Removal?


Bloodroot is effective for mole removal because of the two components: zinc chloride and sanguinaria from bloodroot. First of all, sanguinaria is an alkaloid and a known escharotic. Escahrotic effect causes the burning effect, causing any skin growth to die and fall away. Sanguinaria is a popular natural remedy to remove skin growths like moles, warts, skin tags, and benign tumors. 


Bloodroot has high oxidant contents resulting in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. On the other hand, zinc chloride helps in cleansing the skin by destroying bad cells. Sanguinaria combined with zinc chloride can lead to the death of a mole. 


How To Use Bloodroot To Remove Moles?


There are many bloodroot salve products available in the market as a natural remedy for mole removal. One popular and effective product in the market now is Zenith Herbal’s Bloodroot Salve with DMSO. How do you use bloodroot salve for mole removal? Here’s how:

  • Ensure to wash your hands first and wash the area of the mole with water and soap.
  • Using a clean toothpick or cotton swab, stir the bloodroot salve. 
  • If the bloodroot solution is too dry, drop a little water and stir it until the texture is smooth.
  • Using a clean cotton swab or toothpick, apply the bloodroot salve over the mole.
  • The bloodroot salve should be at least 2mm thick.
  • Leave the bloodroot salve for 24 hours and cover it with a gauze or bandage.
  • After 24 hours, wash off the solution and check for changes.
  • Try this procedure at least two times, with two days intervals. 
  • After two cycles of treatment, there should be a noticeable reaction. This is the result of the bloodroot salve killing the mole.


It is important to note that the treatment cycle will depend on the size of the mole. The bigger the mole, the more application is needed. Always remember to keep the area covered with clean gauze. In case the solution detaches, re-apply bloodroot salve and cover with clean gauze. Learn more about the specific instructions for applying bloodroot salve; read here


Final Thoughts


If you have a mole in your face or body that starts to bother you and keeps on changing like it has its own life, consider natural remedies to remove moles. Any cream or a topical solution made from ingredients from Mother Nature is a natural remedy. 


Having an abnormal mole removed at an early stage can avoid cases of melanoma or other forms of skin cancer. Why wait for things to become worse? Try the wonders of Bloodroot Salve with DMSO for skin conditions. Also, there are Bloodroot Capsules with many medicinal benefits.


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