Remote Support with TeamViewer

Dealing with the Paypal payment system can be tricky at times. Don’t fear – you’re not the first to try to navigate the Paypal options!

We help many customers with finding the correct button to click, the correct option to choose on the Paypal checkout and payment system.

We use the TeamViewer application from to support you. TeamViewer will allow us to see your computer’s screen for a one-time session only, which makes it completely safe to use. TeamViewer will supply you with a one-off password which expires as soon as the support session is complete. It is the most widely used application in the computer support industry for this reason.


Click the appropriate image below to download the TeamViewer file and then just run it on your computer. It won’t install – it’s just an executable.






Download for Apple Mac


Running the Application

Here’s what should pop up when the application starts. We will ask you for your ID and your Password. Again, this is a one-off password and allows access only once.


Kudos to Teamviewer for a fantastic product!