Alix Tried Bloodroot Salve… 

Here is the photo journal of Alix’s first black salve experience two years ago. She had a small freckle that became itchy, raised, and changed color. She knew it was a danger sign. Rather than let the doctor cut, she decided to try salve. 

Because bloodroot salve is diagnostic (it does not affect normal skin), Alix did not need to know what kind of tumor it actually was. But she knew it was not normal!


[contentblock id=2 img=gcb.png]


The Results

Within 12 hours of salving, it feels like a big bruise, as the immune reaction begins (Image 1).

Within a few days she found it difficult to walk as the inflammation sets in (Image 2).

The immune reaction causes the tumor to turn into eschar or dead cells (Image 3).

It then begins to separate from the surrounding tissue (Image 4).

The eschar falls out (Image 5).

A cavity is left (Image 6).

The cavity heals (Image 7).


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