UK Woman Removes Breast Cancer 

Anne speaks after using bloodroot salve. She removed the tumour in two stages – one eschar came out on day 20 and the second eschar on day 28:
“The day after the large part of the tumour came out, I hand delivered the breast tumours to the hospital, preserved in a jar of Regan’s best Polish vodka! The surgeon appeared quite dumbfounded and made very little comment.
But my mum, Eileen, with genuine excitement,  piped up, ‘Isn’t is marvelous doctor; hasn’t she done well?’ The doctor politely refused to comment.
I was keen to have the sample sent for histology so that it would be documented in my hospital records. The doctor agreed to do so, and he sent a follow-up letter to my GP with these comments. 
‘This lady was seen in breast clinic today. She has a history of left breast cancer; she declined operative therapy and opted for alternative remedies. She attended clinic today with what appeared to be two pieces of breast tissue. She had been applying herbal remedies to the area and this appears to have enucleated the tumour from the breast. 
She is anxious to have these sent to the lab. I have explained that they may give us limited information as she has preserved it in vodka, but we have agreed to send it and await the outcome.’
Anne says: I looked up for the official medical definition of ‘enucleated.’ It is ‘removal of tumour from surrounding tissue without rupturing. Enucleation is  also a surgical process during which only the tumor cells are removed.’

“The histology report confirmed that the tissue was cancerous breast tissue! 

My wound is healing up amazingly well – it’s looking great! 
I’m still on my strict diet and protocol, and will still be closely monitoring my left breast, especially bearing in mind I’ve still got a small tumour left in there.”

Here are the Images

Picture 1 – Tumour that came out on Day 20 
Picture 2 – Tumour that came out on Day 28 
Picture 3 – The wound on Day 28 
Picture 4 – The healing process – Day 44 


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