BC Removes Melanoma

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BC Was Diagnosed with Melanoma

oh noShe writes: “I was diagnosed with a melanoma, with pathology tests to prove it…. a biopsy. So I applied Black Salve once, and then again a second time to completely remove the tumor that had now become eschar.

The Doctor’s Opinion

In the meanwhile I got a letter from my very concerned doctor of twenty-five years. He told me that he is open-minded about alternative therapies, but that the melanoma could kill me.

So once my second black salve treatment was done and dusted, I went to see him. He examined the area visually and concluded that there was still melanoma there. I didn’t say anything but I knew that he was wrong. He wanted to the take out a piece of about one inch or 30mm diameter. As he said, “We have not had the opportunity to see what Black Salve can do.”

The Second Biopsy smiley-face

So I let him do another biopsy. The results came back showing NO CANCER. So that’s wonderful news for Black Salve users, and for those who are considering using it.” 

B.C., June 2015



  1. HI, I recently also had a suspected melanoma (also the Doctor suspected it & wanted to remove it), I requested a biopsy but they said they won’t biopsy a melanoma for fear of pushing it further & it may then enter the blood stream.
    I’m wondering if it was a little reckless of your Doctor to do it? The only way they can tell if its spread is if they do an ultra sound on my liver or a brain scan annually (which would also cause cancer..) So, now I only HOPE I got it all (if it indeed was a melanoma).