Australian Man Uses Bloodroot Salve to Remove Cancer

Bill had a red spot on the tip of his nose. He finally had a biopsy, and was told it was a basal cell cancer, or BCC. 

A doctor and a surgeon recommended either wide excision surgery (taking off a 4mm margin around the lesion and skin-grafting some of my neck or earlobe there), or Mohs micrographic procedure, (where they screen the flesh cuts as they go, until the lab says it’s all clear of the cancer). They assured him this was the only safe option

But Bill looked elsewhere, and found out about “Black Salve.” He found out that it’s a herbal paste that kills only the cancer cells and leaves the rest. So he searched on the internet to find out more information.

The only negatives he found were on an “angry site called Quackwatch.”  It’s written by Dr. Steven Barrett, who bad-mouths natural cures.  But Bill found out that Barrett had been thoroughly discredited by a Californian court, and sent away with his tail between his legs. 

Bill’s Australian friend, Dr. Stephen Markey,  told him that the nose is a bad place for a BCC.   He said that because the nose is so porous, the cancer can spread and hide inside sweat pores, outside of the Mohs procedure range. Not encouraging… 

What  to Do?

Bill decided the try the bloodroot salve, and have surgery if it didn’t do the job. He also decided to take photos, so hopefully his experience would help others one day. What a star! 

The Process

“AUGUST 4: I applied the salve, then knelt down and prayed the Serenity prayer!  Within 24 hours, the nose was burning and throbbing. After 24 hours, I washed it off.

AUGUST 5: I applied more salve, just to make sure!

AUGUST 6: The immune reaction was visible – the redness, and the ring of pus as the white blood cells flooded the area. 

AUGUST 9:  It’s still sore, but heaps better than yesterday, and I can feel the hard eschar now.   It’s about 1cm (quarter inch) under the surface, and the size of a pencil eraser. 

AUGUST 10:  Feeling much better today.  It seems to respond better if I keep it dry. Less discharge. But I’ll keep it a bit moist tomorrow. It’s itching like hell, which is also a good sign. Thank God for Black Salve!  Quackwatch is wrong – so very wrong. 

AUGUST 11:   I woke to find the eschar had fallen out.  Open sesame!  A trapdoor. Whooaa!  It’s a much smaller crater than I thought it would be. It definitely feels like all the cancer is dead and gone. I’m over the moon with gratitude and joy. 

AUGUST 12:  Wow, it’s healing at a miracle rate – it’s already begun to fill in. 

AUGUST 24:  The smaller scab came out this morning, and the end of my nose has grown back by itself.  No need for plastic surgery. And the doctors wanted to take a wide excision, removing  entire tip of my nose,  to just above the nostril holes!

SEPTEMBER 9:   Now, it’s only the size of a belt notch – hardly noticeable against the rest of my face, which looks like a busted crab anyway. Adds character eh?”

Bill’s Last Word

Being the son of a doctor, I used to scoff at alternative remedies.  This experience has taught me a lesson and made me much more willing to try alternative treatments – especially if they’re less invasive, and cheaper.  I must continue to do all I can to remain well educated and assertive, so I can control my own health. 

I urge you to do the same. Blind trust in our current health system is expensive, naive, and dangerous.

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The Photo Diary

“Naturopaths have been saying for years that it is not necessary to have a biopsy — just put on a bit of Black Salve, and it will tell you if the suspicious mark is cancerous or benign.   It is reassuring to have it confirmed!”  Bill



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