Dr Don Mehrabi

Dr Don Mehrabi

Modern Surgeons Find Zinc Chloride & Bloodroot Paste Effective… Even for Deep Melanomas

Top-flight Dermatologists Publish “Bloodroot Paste” Benefits

I was doing some reading on zinc chloride when I found bhskin.com. These guys are using black salve to treat melanoma. (But they don’t call their paste “black salve.”)

I thought the stuff was illegal? Maybe it’s OK because they still get to cut it out afterwards. On his blog site, Dr Don Mehrabi explains how dermatological surgeons are using a mixture of zinc chloride and bloodroot paste to treat cancers. Melanomas, no less. Read the text and marvel. Here is the link… I wonder if this page will disappear soon. (link)

This is my favorite part of the article:

“…(the area on top of the cancer where the paste is applied) is covered with a sterile cotton ball fixed in place with tape. It is left on for 24 hours so the ingredients can fully penetrate the cancerous tissue. The paste may be left in place longer to trigger an immune response in some cases. Inflammation and discomfort are common side effects of this treatment.”

The author basically describes the beginning of a black salve treatment, apart from the pre-treatment with the scalpel.

Other excerpts from the doctor’s website:

Mohs’ surgery is well known in the field of dermatology for being the most effective surgical procedure for eliminating skin tumors. However, there is always room for improvement. In the case of melanoma treatment, some doctors are once more exploring the value of zinc chloride paste as a supplement to surgical excision of cancer.

  • Dried, powdered bloodroot is also mixed into the paste created for use in melanoma chemosurgery.
  • Abnormal tissue is susceptible to absorbing zinc chloride… the effect of the paste is concentrated in the tumor cells. Bloodroot also has an effect on cancer cells that prompts them to self-destruct. The paste is powerful enough to penetrate thick melanoma tumors that go all the way down to the bone.
  • Finally, the paste appears to trigger an immune response. According to one study conducted in the late 90s, there is a slight chance that operating on a primary melanoma tumor may increase the risk of the cancer recurring and/or spreading throughout the body. Using paste to kill cancer cells deep in the tissue and stimulate the immune system may help prevent this unintended side effect of Mohs’ surgery.

My comments… thousands of us have been using the black salve safely for years on ourselves and on our friends. Black Salve kills cancers with no surgery and no drug side-effects. Still we have to contend with harsh criticism and condemnation… I have no words at this point. I feel hysterical laughter coming on.

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