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What happened when I used the “oral black salve”

Editor’s Note: bloodroot capsules = oral black salve


Carol writes:

In August of 2003 my doctor told me that I had a large black tumor in my lung and it was inoperable c*****. They did not suggest chemo because it was so bad. It had spread to my stomach area. The doctors told me I had 4 to 6 months to live.

A friend in my church told me about the black salve and said I should use it. He went on the computer and found the information to get it. I wrote and ask how to get it, and in a few days I received a jar with the instructions on taking it. At the end of the first 20 days, I went back to the doctor for an MRI and to his shock and mine, the whole black mass was completely gone. He said I was c***** free. I continued to take it for the rest of the recommended time. I am happy today to still be alive and healthy.

Carol O’Neal, Wyoming



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