brown spotI Was Worried About Skin Cancer

I ordered my first bottle of bloodroot salve after following a group of wonderful people on the Facebook page for several months. (The bloodroot salve discussion group). I got brave enough to give it a try on some suspicious brown spots on my arms from years of sunbathing and tanning beds.

My elderly mom had just been through Moh’s surgery for squamous cell skin cancer and another member of my family almost died after chemo for rectal cancer. I was looking for natural alternatives for treatment.

Using the Salve

The suspicious brown spots on my arms didn’t react but I got a real surprise when I salved a brown spot on my chest and got a reaction about an inch away from where I salved. I am now on my third re-salve to the area with small eschars coming out.

Healing with Zen Balm

The first salve was slow healing and I tried several ointments for healing. Finally ordered the Zen healing balm, and I must say it has cut the healing time in half for me. I wish I had ordered it from the beginning. The customer service has been wonderful also. My first order got lost in the mail, and after emailing Hugh about it, I was offered a refund or a replacement. I received the replacement in two days time. I have now placed my third order. It’s always fast delivery and excellent products. Thank you so much for providing great products with great customer service.

Cathy M

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