How I Beat Basal Cell C***** with Bloodroot

“I had been treating a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) for one month with black salve alone, which had limited success in my case. The salve seemed to target the abnormal tissue quite well but wasn’t so effective in penetrating the deeper extension of the basal cells.

Trying the Bloodroot Capsules

To address this issue, I was recommended black salve capsules on a forum by a member who had reported better success with their equally stubborn BCC. After sourcing a supplier, I began taking capsules internally in early March 2015 to compliment my use of topical black salve application.

Within just seven days, it was possible to see the effects visually as the basal cells turned progressively paler. After eighteen days, the size of the carcinoma was reduced by about half.

A Great Result treating Basal Cell C*****

A final black salve application on day 19 in conjunction with the capsules was the breakthrough, and the eschar fell away several days later. The bulk of the BCC had shrunk to a barely discernible pinhead size and it came out with the eschar.

The treatment was without any serious side effects, other than some mild nausea and slight headaches, which was easily controlled by cutting back the dose to one capsule per day.

Verified by Pathology

To verify the effectiveness of my treatment, I consulted a dermatologist at my local hospital and had a punch biopsy. I subsequently received a letter in June 2015 detailing the histology results, which confirmed that I am now c***** free. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the use of black salve capsules, especially where all other efforts have failed.”

Gavin Kalaher, United Kingdom


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