I Wondered What It Was

We were raised under the Australian sun, and often sunburnt, so as adults my sister Donna and I had skin damage. As we grew older, we became more worried about getting skin cancer. Last year, Donna bought some bloodroot salve and capsules for her skin spots. But she is not given to finishing things, and they were set aside. She eventually went the medical route, and had surgery for facial cancers. 

My Turn

In May, I became concerned about a patch on my cheekbone that would not heal. After looking in google images, I decided it must be a keratosis, most likely actinic. I read the instructions that came with the salve, and I went to the bloodrootsalve.com information site before I decided to salve the spot. 


So quick! I put the salve on, and next day the patch had turned off-white. I didn’t cover it at all, but applied the treatment balm several times each day. One day later, it was a centimetre-wide scab and next day it came out cleanly. It reminded me of a tick with a shiny white underside. Ugh. Two days later the shallow hole had filled in. 


From my reading, I know that I have to make some changes in my diet and lifestyle. Salve is great but it’s not enough. I shouldn’t be so hard on my immune system LOL. Something that initially very scary has changed my way of thinking!

 – Gemma

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