Melanoma, and More!heather s

Heather was nervous about taking bloodroot in capsule form, but she is overjoyed with the results.

Heather Writes… 

“Miraculous product!!! I was nervous before starting, and then I was scared for months that it may cause damage if I overused it. So I proceeded carefully. (Using the capsules) has healed deep dime size melanomas on my wrist, my scalp, my nose, under my eye.

Melanoma and More

I have also had amazing results with tooth decay, gum-line cavities, chronic bleeding gums, and loose molars. (Bloodroot) prevented the need for fillings, extractions, root canals and deep teeth cleaning. I am beyond thankful and amazed. For years I have worried I was doomed by the rapid decline of my teeth. These problems have been haunting me for 15-20 years. My gums don’t even bleed when I brush anymore!!!”

Heather S


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