Bloodroot RhizomeA Modern History

American pioneers were introduced to the bloodroot plant by the Native Americans. Northern tribes used the plant in many different ways. Settlers and physicians soon used the herb in European style remedies, and its fame spread. 

Tom McCreary 

In 1890 Tom McCreary was diagnosed with incurable, cancerous tumors on his neck. The physicians texas tomrefused to operate, not wanting to risk injury to his jugular vein. Tom paid careful attention to a repeated dream that came to him about how to make a medicine to cure himself. He gathered the ingredients to make the “black salve” and applied it to his tumors.

In less than a month, Tom was healed and went on to live another 70 years. Over his lifetime, he was a preacher, rancher, doctor, farmer, and sheriff under Judge Parker. Tom kept the formula for the black salve to himself, and one friend. After Tom’s death, his son Howard and grandson Mickey sought out the old friend who taught them how to make the salve.

Tom’s Son

Howard McCreary, attempting to make the black salve available to everyone, started a company in the sixties. He had some tests done on “Compound X” in the early seventies at the University of Colorado. The Veterinarian College at Fort Collins also tested Compound X and discovered that it killed all known viruses on contact. They found with one application, sarcoma tumors on horses (similar to skin cancer) had an 80% cure. After two applications 100% cure was achieved.

For many years, Compound X has been used to cure eye cancer and early viral diseases in cattle, sarcoma on horses, and abnormal tissue growths in all kinds of pets. In addition, ranchers, homesteaders, and folks of the rodeo circuits used it for external cancers, tumors and growths on themselves. 

Up until a few years ago, people used Compound X for moles, skin malignancies, warts, liver detox, diabetes, internal malignancies, and more.

Oral Use of Bloodroot Salve

Tom’s son, Howard McCreary was the first to use Compound X internally. In the 1960’s he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. After checking himself into the hospital and without telling his doctors, he took an oral dose of Compound X the night before his scheduled surgery. The next morning they postponed his surgery because he was running a fever that continued for several days. On the fifth day Howard said he passed a large quantity of black, vile smelling feces – apparently the growth itself. When the doctors took X-rays, they discovered that the cancerous growth was gone. Howard went on to live another 25 years, without recurring stomach cancer. He later used Compound X to cure himself of bone cancer in the 1980‘s.

During the course of his life, Howard provided Compound X to thousands of people. Howard was caught in a blizzard in the seventies and later died of pneumonia. Source

Instead of embracing and controlling the power of bloodroot, modern medicine has chosen largely to demonize the herb. Makers of black or bloodroot salve (such as Compound X) are targeted by the FDA – in spite of many thousands of people reporting amazing results from using bloodroot, both topically and orally.  


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