Media Twist on Black Salve Story

Joe had treated a number of cancers over several months, and this particular one was very painful. It turned out to be larger than expected. He was not worried about the eschar or the hole; he knew it would heal, as the other treatments had done. He just needed some more pain medication, and went to the hospital.

The treating doctor, according to Joe, took a photograph and then his story was publicized in a misleading way. The aim was to discredit and demonize the black salve treatment. 

What Actually Happened

The first small application of salve only removed the central piece where you can see the indentation. The second application caused the entire tumor to turn to eschar, and it eventually fell out. The cavity then healed. If only every skin cancer was treated this way…

Below are pictures from Joe’s mobile phone… one of the eschar, and one of the site as it is now.


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