Breast C***** – and – Cataracts janine

Janine heard about bloodroot from a relative, after she was diagnosed with breast c*****. She used bloodroot salve and took bloodroot capsules. 

Janine Writes:

“I am a fifty-three year old retired registered nurse, and I had some experience working in oncology. So I was absolutely filled with dread when my mammogram (July 2016) showed a small lump in my breast. I could actually feel it, so it wasn’t very deep. The diagnosis was confirmed by needle biopsy.

I felt paralyzed for almost a week. There was no way I wanted the surgery and chemo that the oncologist said was my only option. But what else was there?

A Blessed Visit

I told my sister-in-law Amy about my diagnosis, and she came to visit with me. Her mother had removed a squamous cell carcinoma on her calf with “black salve” five years ago, and it had not returned. I felt a glimmer of hope. Amy showed me the website and I read everything on the site. Wow, I thought. Maybe I can do this!


As I searched, I came across the Quackwatch site. Hmm. I compared people’s stories with their claims, and I bought some salve and tested it on my inner arm. No reaction at all, no corrosion, no damage. YES! I now had the confidence to go ahead.

The Process

I prepared some DMSO and clove oil for pain management, and put this over the spot five minutes before the salve. It was three days before the inflammation began. Five days after that, the eschar came out. I was absolutely overjoyed to see a clean cavity, and no residual white tissue. I used the Zen Healing Balm, and the cavity healed beautifully in seven days. Subsequent tests indicate I am c***** free.

My Bonus

I took bloodroot capsules for three months after the eschar came out. Then I had an appointment with my opthalmologist, who had been watching the progress of my cataracts. He had said I would eventually need surgery. But now the cataracts had disappeared! I told him I had been taking bloodroot capsules, and he actually admitted this wasn’t the first time he had seen this happen with bloodroot. OMG. Doctors. What could I say?

Thank you, thank you for all the support, and education, and opening a new view to health in my life. I have escaped chemo, and eye surgery, and I hope I can pass on what I’ve learned.

Janine L


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