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A Great Photo Diary of a Mole Treatment!

In August 2015, a mole on Lindsay’s back became uncomfortable. She contacted the local dermatologist and was told it would be a couple of weeks before she could get an appointment.

In the meantime, she decided to try bloodroot salve. Here is Lindsay’s two-week photo diary of her mole treatment with bloodroot salve. It’s amazing!


  1. Mole pre-treatment
  2. Three days after application, a hard lump is forming under the skin.
  3. The dead tissue is separating.
  4. Within fourteen days, the lump has come out.
  5. The underside of the scab/eschar.
  6. The clean cavity remaining.
  7. Flash photo of the cavity.


For less than forty dollars, Lindsay avoided the dermatologist, the oncologist, the radiation technician, the surgeon, the pharmacy, etc. etc.

Yes, it’s not always this clean and simple, we know. But these great photos do give us a mental image of what we should be aiming for. She also correctly joined the Social Media discussion group at the time and posted these pics to potentially help others. We can only be thankful for that!

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First published on 16 January 2016

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