I Just Love Black Salve!

My family has had wonderful experiences with it. I bought it many years ago and I forgot who told me about it but it has gotten rid of moles, warts, pre-skin cancer and skin cancer.  It truly is amazing. Not one thing that I have treated has EVER grown back!

How I Use It

If you have something growing on your skin, you put a big blob of it on a little round band aid and put it on your sore, mole, or wart. Wait twenty four hours, then take the band aid off.  Sometimes it stings a lot. This definitely means it is something that needs to go. If nothing happens, it means that there was nothing that needed to go.

One Example

I had a sore on my chest that was getting redder and wouldn’t heal. I put some black salve on it and it immediately started stinging. It stung the whole 24 hours and when I took it off the sore was white, swollen, and full of pus. The thing that is great about Black Salve is it only goes after the cancer, wart, or mole. The skin around it gets a little red but that is all.

I take the band aid off, put a dab of Vaseline on it {I got my Vaseline at the health food store so there wouldn’t be any petrochemicals in it}, and put another small round band aid on it. Do this every day until it is healed. This is the key to having the smallest scar possible.  Sometimes it leaves a little scar, but if you went to a doctor, they would probably leave a bigger scar. You can get a fever using it. We’ve never gotten one, but I heard it is possible as your body fights the injury.

Usually after several days, the root will eventually fall out and leave a hole in your skin but it will heal. Sometimes if the wart or mole is a little stubborn, I will keep it on for 48 hours. I would suggest doing no more than one area at a time so you don’t overwhelm your body.

I love finding things like this that I can take care of instead of going to the doctor. We have had amazing success with this and will keep on using it since it works so well!  

What Happened with a Spot on My Elbow

Recently, I had this sore right near my elbow that wouldn’t heal. I put some Black Salve on it and immediately it began to burn. It burned the whole 24 hours and became red and swollen. Even when I took the Salve off and put vaseline and a band aid over it, it burned for about a week afterwards. It was by far the biggest spot I have ever used this on. Puss and even a little blood oozed out from under the band aid. Here is a picture of it about ten days after the application.

The big white thing is now the root. It should come out in a few days and I will show you a picture of it when it does! {Yes, the good Lord didn’t bless me with good skin. I freckle and wrinkle very easily and I am 56 years old with way too many years in the sun!}






Here it is several weeks later. This was by far the worse treatment so far. It was much bigger and deeper than I thought it would be. It was very swollen and painful for at least a week and then it “leaked” clear fluid and even some blood. I finally put on Manuka Honey on it yesterday to help it heal up faster and it did the trick! It will take a few more weeks for it to completely heal but it’s getting there.





This is a picture about two months after applying the Black Salve. It is a flat red spot that will probably completely disappear in a few more months. I LOVE this stuff!

***UPDATE: It’s been six months and I can barely see it!



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