It Began with a Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Michael had an SCC on his cheek, and he went to the doctor. He ended up letting the doctors have four separate surgical attempts to remove it. See Image 1 for the result of this.

After the last operation, Michael had to wait four months for it to heal, as the saliva duct was damaged during the operation. It then attached to the cheekbone. The cancer also metastasized to the lung and lymph nodes. The doctors then planned to remove the entire cheekbone, and lymph nodes from the right side of the neck, in a twelve-hour operation. 

Michael Chooses Another Way

But Michael said enough! He could see which way this path was taking him… and he decided to try bloodroot salve. He also took cannabis oil.

The Results

After four weeks, the tumor had become eschar (scab or dead tissue).  See Image 2. 

The eschar began to separate prior to lifting out. See Image 3.

The eschar lifted clean from the cheekbone. See Image 4.

After this, two pieces of bone also were pushed out; the first after one month, and the second piece after three months. 

Then the cavity began to heal. Image 5.

More News to Come…


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