My Amazing Experience with Black Salve

How It Began…


I am a 55 year old female living in Perth, Western Australia. A friend bought me some Black Salve with DSMO to use to remove a couple of warts and a few moles I had on my body.

As I live in a hot, sunny climate, I had these moles checked every year by a specialist for skin c*****. Every year for many years, all these blemishes have been passed as “OK” – ie. not requiring a biopsy or further investigation.

The Test

I merrily put the Black Salve on six blemishes on my body expecting no more reaction than a gradual removal. Within hours five of them were giving off a drawing pain and became red and hot. One of them, between my breasts, was a particularly strong reaction, and the lesion was larger. This spot was a concern to me because it had appeared on its own some three or four years ago and had gradually increased in size and was often itchy.

The Beginning

The others were relatively small and all seemed to progress with the same pattern – slight swelling, reddening and the formation of a centre of dark matter and pus. All had a pulling pain and all were tender when touched or bumped. I probably would not have bothered with pain killers for these.

The Spider Lesion

However, the chest eschar was very painful because of its size. It also grew ‘legs’ and when it first erupted it looked like a large spider. Along the legs were little beads of dark brown material which swelled up, went pussy and came out quite early compared to the large ‘body’ of the spider. After only a few days the legs were just a red line indicating where they had been. It as suggested to me that they might have been eschars which formed along the lymphatic system around my breasts.

The ‘body’ grew larger by the day and was very messy with pus and matter. I was changing the dressing several times a day and was in a deal of pain. Mostly the pain was the familiar drawing pain, seeming to go very deep into my chest. But I also had sharp stabbing pains which came and go. I did take painkillers for this one, sometimes up to eight a day, and I felt tired and drained, not able to do my usual work.

An Unexpected Benefit!

About this time, I noticed something quite miraculous. About 18 months ago I suffered a collapsed lung and since then I have had a sharp pain around that lung every time I breathed deeply. I can’t tell exactly when this happened, but the pain around my lung was gone. I used to worry about what this pain might mean even though the doctor said not to worry. I have been free of the pain since then.

The Tumor Comes Out

The chest eschar took a long while to erupt, quite a bit longer than the smaller arm and leg ones. Nevertheless, after 7 – 10 days, it fell out, and the pain went completely and immediately. Obviously, there was some tenderness in the cavity that was left as the eschar was large, leaving an uneven hole roughly 6 cms by 4 cms. Once it came out it was squashed and dryish and I was amazed how small it was for the pain it had caused.

I saved it for analysis but, apparently, whatever it is cannot be identified because it is dead. I did show my doctor the cavity and the eschar and although he was stunned and wondered why I didn’t have surgery, he did say it must have developed since my last examination (which was not two months before!) He couldn’t explain it.

Black Salve is Amazing!

All through the experience I was just absolutely amazed. It was shocking to me that the medical profession could pass all my lumps and bumps as benign and then this could happen. I was also thrilled, that such a large lump could be excised so quickly and easily and without scarring and surgery.

Once this cavity has healed – and it is healing rapidly – I will move on to the remaining warts and moles on my body but this time I will do two – maximum – at a time.

-L. Perth, Australia



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