Livia’s story, in her own words:

“A few years ago a mole appeared between my breasts, and started to itch like crazy. It looked like a tiny bunch of grapes, about one centimetre (less than one half inch) across. I went to the doctor and he said, ‘No worries, Livia, it’s nothing.’ No worries for him perhaps. 

A Good Friend

But I knew something wasn’t right. I showed it to a friend of mine, June, and she suggested I use ‘Black Salve.’ She said: ‘Look Livia, you have nothing to lose. If it’s nothing, the black salve won’t have any affect. If it’s something more serious, the black salve will take it away.’

Within twenty-four hours of putting the paste on I could feel something happening. There was a very mild burning, a sort of drawing feeling. The next day the redness around the mole had gone from being two centimetres (one inch) to five centimetres (two inches).

Livia Applies the Salve

Three days later I thought ‘Oh my God.’ This thing grew bigger and bigger, it looked like a spider with legs. I didn’t want to go to the doctor because I thought he would kill me for trying this ‘crazy’ therapy!

But my friend and our consultant in America both reassured me. They supervised me the whole time. I went to the chemist and bought a large gauze patch, to cover the sore on my skin. At this stage, there was a pulling sensation and a bit of pain. I could see that something was coming out. I took some painkillers so I wasn’t so uncomfortable.

By the fifth day this thing was like, no joke, the size of a dinner roll. It was like another breast. It was large and surrounded by pus. That night, I called my friend and said, ‘Look, I’m coming over.’ It was 11 pm at night but I said, I’m coming over and I’m staying with you. My husband didn’t mind.

The Denucleation

And then the thing came out.  It was like a piece of meat – red with roots. As soon as it came out, the pain disappeared.

And, interestingly, I hadn’t been able to breathe properly for three years. I was constantly catching my breath and I didn’t know why. But as soon as this thing came off, I could breathe freely.

Off to the Pathology Lab

My friend had the special hermetically sealed container ready to go – to have the tissue lab testedEven though I took it to the doctor within hours, he said it ‘wasn’t live’ and he ‘couldn’t test it.’ What a joke! The biggest lie ever.

Such Fast Healing!

Three days later, you would not believe it! My breast had almost completely healed. Now all I have is a tiny white mark – as if I had had an operation and had stitches. 

The consultant believed it was most likely melanoma. I could have lost two breasts and maybe my life. But instead I used the black salve for five days – and had three days of healing. I tell this story to everyone. Black Salve saved my life.

PS. My Doc and Me

When I told my doctor about what happened, he thought I was nuts. But to his credit he actually read something about the black salve. He finally said to me, ‘Well there’s something here. I’ve got to admit it.’


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