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Bloodroot and Squamous Cell Cancer

After having had a melanoma removed from my arm 3 years ago, I was very concerned about my skin. I had a small spot on my chest that I was worried about so I had the Dr. biopsy it, even though he said it was nothing. It came back a squamous cell cancer. As the years went by I would ask if it needed to be removed because it would always get red and itchy around the scar, which was about the size of a pencil eraser. He assured me it was fine.

I decided to try the Black salve, because I had heard that nothing would happen unless there is a cancer present. The pictures show what happened…

and I am glad to have what ever was there out of my body. It took about five weeks. I’m waiting to see what it does before applying more salve if needed. Hope this helps someone.

JP of Illinois


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