Bloodroot Capsules Worked!

How It Began…

oh no

“Last year I attempted to remove a spot of scaly skin from my nose, using the sap from a plant. It wasn’t successful and actually stimulated cell growth. Over a two month period, the spot became a warty lump on the bridge of my nose. It measured 6mm (one-quarter inch) and was still growing fast.

The Skin Specialist

I went to a skin specialist, who confirmed it was a Basal Cell Carcinoma and booked me in for a biopsy, discussing the likelihood of cutting the area open to remove the lump and stitching the wound. I was very anxious about this as a treatment but used the diagnosis to make the next choice.

My Decision

Bloodroot Capsules

I decided to use the bloodroot capsules whilst waiting for the biopsy appointment. I was staying with a nurse friend at the time and we were both astonished at how quickly the lump was growing. I took one capsule and went to bed.



The Result


The next morning the lump had halved in size! I took another capsule that morning, then increased to one and a half capsules twice a day, and then to two capsules twice a day.

By the sixth day, the entire lump had disappeared. I was quite shocked at how easily the capsules had worked. I continued taking one capsule twice a day for the next month to make sure no vagrant cells had been left behind.

Twelve months later, the area is still clear and scarless. The doctor’s surgery called me a few times, concerned that I hadn’t been back. I was met with silence when I explained what I had done, but I couldn’t be happier!

Pamela F., Australia

Ruth Says: Bloodroot capsules appear to be really effective for fast-growing tumors.

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