SJ’s Bloodroot Story

SJ Writes:

Bloodroot salve has been helping me since 2011. I have typical “Irish coloring” (Pilsbury doughboy colored skin) and had a bad sunburn at age ten. Sixty years later, I’m dealing with skin issues. 

Bloodroot Flower and Leaf
Bloodroot Flower and Leaf

The salve has removed many moles, scaly spots and basal cell carcinomas. In addition, I have used the salve to get rid of lumps I’ve felt under my skin. The capsules brought lesions to the surface. Of course, every time the salve lets one’s immune system eliminate abnormal cells it is amazing, but there is one event in particular worth highlighting.

The Chin Spot

A month or so after stopping bloodroot capsules, I noticed irritation on my chin. Originally I thought it was a pimple forming, so I put zit cream on it, but the next day it had grown quite large and felt like a marble under my skin. I put drawing salve on it and the next day the lump was bigger and harder with significant swelling. That night I put a 1/4” dot of Zenith Herbal bloodroot salve on the lump and the next day the swelling went down to practically nothing. What was interesting about this event is that the immune reaction covered 1-1/2” to 2”. Amazing. I imagine the bloodroot salve let my immune system access whatever made it feel like a marble. It looked liked the salve had a fight with the marble, broke it up and then it was exiting through the skin. I also think the marble surfacing is a result of taking bloodroot capsules. So glad I had salve on hand and knew how to use it.

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