What Steeve says about Bloodroot 

 And how it worked for him…

 “Hi, I just wanted to tell people about taking Blood root. I am HIV positive and I am not taking any treatment for the moment. My state was stable although I was feeling tired all the time and had swollen glands in the back of my neck and behind the ears.”

Natural “Remedies”

“I had tried a few natural remedies to try and cope with the virus, but they all seemed so ineffective. Then a friend told me about Bloodroot and how it is used to locally treat some kind of cancers… I said why not… and I ordered the pills, which were hard to find! Every website said that internal use of bloodroot is toxic and dangerous… But I tried anyway.”

Steeve’s Result with Bloodroot

“I took 450mg 3 times a day (and I’m still taking it). It’s been 3 weeks since I started and I don’t regret it!!! The lymph nodes have almost disappeared, I gained some weight on my body and face. The bags under my eyes are gone! And I have so much energy now! It’s crazy…!”

Steeve (Montreal, Quebec)



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