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When All Else Failed

Trevor writes, “I had had skin cancer for years now, and I have had many removed by surgery. They were the BCC and SCC type skin cancers. (Basal cell and Squamous cell carcinomas)

I heard about Curaderm and used the cream for several years. It worked on about 80% of my cancers,  but some came back, and others did not respond. I treated three cancers for two years with Curaderm with no success.

Bloodroot Salve?

I had heard about black (bloodroot) salve in the past, but it was mostly negative stuff.

But I now had two cancers that were getting bigger – one on my upper leg and one on my head. I did not have these diagnosed by a doctor, my trust in doctors is not so good now. Also the thought and cost of surgery did nothing for me.

I studied (bloodroot salve) on the net and happened to mention it to a friend of mine. He helped me to find a supplier. So I ordered it, and it arrived. 


A few months down the track and the salve had removed all the cancers. The two main ones I mentioned fell out after a few days and were healing nicely.

I also confirm that the salve will not effect normal skin – it does nothing. But let it get in contact with a cancer and all hell breaks lose. I found the treatment on my leg very painful and I needed pain killers for a few days but the one on my head which I thought would be a night mare because of its size was no problem at all.

Trevor T

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