Bloodroot Products are Not Created Equal

Bloodroot Flower and Leaf

Bloodroot Flower and Leaf

“Hugh, I just have to say something. Some time ago, when you were first starting up, I had suspicions that you were just one more not-so-high-quality producer of bloodroot products. BUT I WAS SO, SO WRONG.

Eight Years of Pain

After eight years of wrestling with this debilitating condition, I recently ordered 3 of your products: the Gentle Black Salve, the Bloodroot Capsules, and your Zen Healing Salve. And BOY, are they working wonders. I can verify that this healing process is a miserable experience, anything but comfortable. But the effect your products are having beats anything else I have used over the years.

The Gentle Salve

The Gentle Salve is FAR less painful and far more tolerable than other black salves I have used. And the capsules really aid in the process.

Zen Treatment and Healing Balm

The Zen salve is perfect for applying, even over the dried black salve, to moisten the area, and it actually even helps to improve the process of the black salve.

I cannot praise the quality of your products enough. They are all well described with excellent instructions. The packaging is of the utmost quality and cleanliness is unsurpassed. Not to mention again the absolute effectiveness. I finally feel that I am healing.

I owe you a strong apology for having doubted you. I apologize. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the excellence of product that you are providing for those of us who need it so much!  


(Generous praise, Willow. You are most welcome… Ruth)

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