Gina Says…

I bought the Zen Balm almost unwillingly when I bought my Gentle Bloodroot Salve. I had no great expectations because most people in the group use coconut oil, it seems. Now I would recommend everyone to use it!

Well, back to the beginning. I planned to salve two identical spots on the inside of my left arm that the doctor thought suspicious. I did the skin test first, and had no reaction on my right arm. 

With the first treatment, I didn’t use the Balm. The salve worked in the way I expected, and it took nine uncomfortable days for the eschar to come out. I didn’t use pain killers. Great result though, and I was ready to treat the second spot. 

This time I decided I might as well try the Zen Balm. I put it round the spot ten minutes before applying the salve, and for the next week I applied it whenever I thought of it. It was a different world. I felt hardly any pain at all during this treatment, and the cavity healed faster than the first one. 

Really impressed with the balm. Thanks to Hugh for recommending it when we spoke on the phone.

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