There are Thousands of Success Stories

Many many people have used black salve with good results, but very few keep a good photo diary. Thus most testimonials are anecdotal. The best diaries begin before treatment and end with images of the healed site. Below is a selection of user diaries.

My Own Experience

In 2010 I was diagnosed with skin cancers on my face (my story). I used black salve to remove some BCCs completely, and with hardly a mark left. Sadly, like most people, I didn’t keep a picture diary either. Nor did my friend Barbara, who had five large tumors, one of which was almost two inches long when it came out!

Dr Veronique Breast Cancer Treatment

This is a photo diary made into a video production.

White nodules remained in the cavity after the first treatment, so a second  treatment was necessary. A great result!

Tanya Andersen’s Story

One Australian TV channel aired an edited version (negative of course) but here is the full story.

Sensible Pete’s Success

Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Face

A great photo diary of a cancer removal, and a healing using Eyton’s Earth. The tumor dies and you can see the surrounding tissue remains healthy. There is no ‘burning,’ and the cancer dies and becomes a scab of dead tissue.

See the story here.

Bill O’Leary’s Story

Bill, an Australian, was diagnosed with cancer on the end of his nose. After weighing up his options, he went with black salve. And he took great pictures! It was amusing to see the huge dollop of black salve that he used. But you will notice only the little circle of the cancer reacted. (Look here)