Some veterinarians and vet companies make bloodroot for pets products for treating c*****. They sell these products (eg. Neoplasene) to vets and to vets’ customers. Neoplasene comes in topical, oral and injectable form. The bloodroot salve sold by vets (eg. XXTERRA) is expensive; over $100 for the small jar.

Another Option

It’s much cheaper to buy the bloodroot products made for humans, and adapt it for pet use. Salve and capsules can both be used for pets, for oral and topical treatment.

You can also make a bloodroot “paste,” a non-escharotic ointment, using powder from your bloodroot capsules.

Certain lesions that would not test as malignant, will also respond well to bloodroot treatment.

Oral Bloodroot for Dogs and Pets

As in humans, tolerance of oral bloodroot varies. Begin with a low dose, and always put it in food: a pinch of powder for a small dog or a cat, and half a capsule for a large dog. Vomiting or retching is an indication that the dose is too high. You may be able to increase the dose more slowly.

  • Open a capsule and put the starting dose in wet food twice per day.
  • Increase the amount by one pinch per day. Keep track in a notebook.

Bloodroot Salve for Dogs and Pets

Salving a pet can be problematic. The most common concerns are the possible pain from using Bloodroot Salve, the difficulty of dressing the area, the possibility of infection, and the pet constantly licking off the salve, or scratching the area.

  • Apply the salve, and keep on for 24 hours.
  • Protect the area with a dressing, bandage, and perhaps use a neck-cone if necessary.

Bloodroot Paste for Pets

This is a better option. The paste is not likely to form an eschar (which can be problematic when treating a pet) but the lesion should gradually shrink away. If you have bloodroot capsules on hand, you can make a bloodroot paste with the powder from a few capsules, and a little oil (castor or olive oil). You can use coconut oil if the weather is warm, otherwise, it will be too hard to use. Do not add essential oils. Let the mixture infuse in a covered glass container for a few days before use.

  • Apply the bloodroot paste regularly. Smear on a little with your finger.
  • Apply twice per day.
  • Results should be visible within a week or two.

Take Photos!

For your reference, and perhaps to help others in the future, take pictures of the area before you begin, and then again at each step of the treatment.

Share Your Successes with others in the bloodroot salve discussion group on Facebook, and in the bloodroot pet groups.