"Order Now and then Send us a Check"

  • We will send you your order in good faith and you agree to pay either by sending a check or doing a wire transfer (links below) to our bank account.
  • First time customers are limited to an order amount not exceeding $150. No restrictions apply to existing customers
  • You will ensure that we are paid within 14 days of placing the order. If you are paying by check it is your responsibility to ensure your check arrives on time. The same applies if you wire us the funds.
  • Don’t spoil it for everyone else by not paying and forcing us to close this payment option.
  • We have signed up to a credit rating agency which allows us to report unpaid bills. We will report unpaid bills, absolutely, which will affect your credit score badly. Please don’t go there!
  • We will only send a parcel if the shipping address is the same as the billing address. If you wish to send the parcel to someone other than yourself you can do so by pre-paying the order.
  • Payments from overseas accounts attract a $15 “bank charge”. This does not include payments from TransferWise which our bank considers a “domestic payment”.

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  • Shipping is free for domestic orders ordered with Standard Shipping
  • We ship USPS first class or priority mail.
  • Shipping prices are determined in checkout; using total order price, and postal code or location.
  • We ship in one to two working days, but not on weekends. 
  • Zenith is not responsible for shipping delays of postal services. 
  • NOTE: Standard shipping carries no shipping insurance. Select Priority Mail if you wish to have your parcel insured.
  • Customers are responsible for tracking their own shipments. Go here to enter your tracking code. 


  • Priority Mail includes insurance. 
  • First Class International Mail does not include insurance. The risk of loss (it happens rarely but does happen) is yours.
  • Contact us if you need help with insurance issues. 

Shipping Times

  • Within the USA, a parcel takes one to four days – usually. 
  • Overseas shipping times varies greatly depending on the local postal service in each country. 
  • Deliveries to South Africa can take months, if they arrive at all.
  •  Zenith is not responsible for shipping delays of postal services.

Customs and International Shipments

  • Australia, New Zealand and Europe have restrictions on bloodroot salve or bloodroot products. 
  • Bloodroot salves or bloodroot capsules may be confiscated or charged a customs fee. 
  • Items that are confiscated by Customs cannot be refunded.


  • Contact us within 30 days if you wish to make a return. 
  • You can return a product for any reason unless the container is empty or almost empty.
  • Refunds will be processed upon receipt of returns at Zenith.
  • Items that are confiscated by Customs cannot be refunded.