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Pay by Credit Card or Debit Card (US and Canada Only) No Hidden Charges!!

Yes, we are pleased to announce that we have Credit Card Processing. We accept Master Card and Visa cards. Read the full details on how to pay with Credit Card here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep your order BELOW $500 to use this payment method.

Visa And Mastercard

Credit Card Payment On Checkout

Types of Payments that we Cannot Process

  • Zelle is no longer available. BoA canceled our Zelle.
  • PayPal and Venmo
    • We cannot accept Paypal and Venmo because bloodroot products are banned in their platforms for reasons I do not know.
  • PayItNow
  • Chime
  • PopMoney
    • We cannot accept Popmoney payments. Their service is rubbish and unreliable and they make you wait on the phone forever for “customer service”.
  • CashApp

Pay by Check or Money Order – 2% Discount

How to send the check or money order:

  • Make the check out to Zenith Herbal LLC 
  • NOT to Zenith Herbal
  • NOT to Uwe Wichmann
  • NOT to Shannon Hartup
  • Write the order number on the check
  • Send the check (with the order number!) to:

Shannon Hartup

How to send a money order:

  • Obtain a money order from a local post office, bank, or financial service provider.
  • Make the money order payable to: Zenith Herbal LLC
  • Include your order number on the money order.
  • Send the money order to:

Shannon Hartup


Ensure that the money order is filled out correctly to avoid processing delays.

Transfer to our Account by Bank (ACH) Transfer – 4% Discount

What is ACH, or “Wire”?

(Also see “How do ACH Payments Work?“)

Automated Clearing House is the system by which banks transfer money from an account at one bank to an account at another. This is where it takes 3 days to make a transfer and you wonder why. More generally, an automated clearing house (ACH) is a computer-based electronic network for processing transactions. If your bank asks for a phone number, then use this one: (930) 900-3811.

Anyway, banks will call these different names, like “transfer money”, or “Wire”, or “Pay someone”.

It doesn’t really matter: when you choose to send money to someone else from your bank account, then the ACH is probably the system that handles the transaction. Some more modern banks use blockchain transfers, but they are still few and far between. If you’re interested in blockchain technology you will probably know that Ripple (Symbol XRP) solves this problem. The hyperlinks in this paragraph go to Wikipedia pages.

Bank: Thread Bank
Payee Name: Zenith Herbal LLC
Account number: 200000153083
ACH Routing Number: 064209588
Bank Address: 210 E Main St, Rogersville TN 37857

Phone Number: 09309003811 (Use this phone number if your bank needs this. Don’t try to phone us here; no one is at this number)

Pay with Bitcoin – 5% Discount

Yes, we are happy to accept Bitcoin. Please place the order and email us your Order Number at [email protected]

Please Note:

Please make sure that we can identify that you are the sender of your payment. The best way is to send us an email with “I just sent you a payment of {amount}”.  Please specify your Order Number.

“Wire” payments:

If you choose to “wire” us funds, then please be aware that our bank will charge us $16 in “Wire Transaction Fee”, so please add that to your payment. The Routing Number for “Wires” is 026009593, which is different from the normal ACH routing number.

Don’t: Pay by PopMoney or CashApp

We cannot accept Popmoney payments. Their service is rubbish and unreliable and they make you wait on the phone forever for “customer service”.


Some countries have regulations that make it difficult to sell natural health products (e.g. EU, Australia), while others achieve the same goal by making it impossible for us to get paid (e.g. Canada) by restricting access to banking services for non-residents.


if your bank uses the INTERAC system for money transfers then DON’T. We would need a Canadian bank account to do a transfer and we cannot get one.

Our address (SegWit) is 34JNCssDwTpaDK53Rph8qxAq9To4sN4YTj
 All too Complicated? Do this!

Phone your bank and ask them this:

“I need to pay someone who has a Checking account and can take payments to their bank account where I have the routing number and account number. Can you tell me how to do this?”