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Send funds to our email address

Send funds to from your online banking account. Most banks have this feature called “Zelle” or “Pay to someone’s email address” or some such. The funds will arrive in our bank account nearly immediately. If your bank asks for a phone number (they shouldn’t) then use this one: 323-250-0513. It’s an old phone number that is no longer in use, but I don’t have a phone or a mobile phone in the USA. Use “Uwe” as the first name and “Wichmann” as the last name if your bank requires it.

Bank of America – Receive and Pay by Zelle

Please specify your Order Number with the Payment.

Please Note: You don’t need to download an app for this. It’s a service that your bank probably provides.

Pay by PayItNow PayItNow Logo

Many Credit Unions use “PayItNow” as an alternative to Zelle, the service that full-fledged banks prefer. We are signed up PayItNow and payments will happen easily. Use the same details as for Zelle.

Pay by Chime

We can accept payment with Chime. Use the email:

How to pay with Chime Mobile App:

  1. Open the Chime mobile app and tap ‘Pay Friends’.
  2. Input your friend’s email or phone number or select them from your contact list.
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer and click ‘Send

We will receive a message with directions on how to claim the money if they don’t have Chime. Remember, Chime mobile payments are always free!

For the complete instructions, go to the Chime Website.

Don’t: Pay by PopMoney or CashApp – Paypal and Venmo

We cannot accept Popmoney payments. Their service is rubbish and unreliable and they make you wait on the phone forever for “customer service”.

We cannot accept Paypal and Venmo because bloodroot products are banned in their platforms for reasons I do not know.

Pay by Bank (ACH) Transfer

What is ACH?

(Also see “How do ACH Payments Work?“)

Automated Clearing House is the system by which banks transfer money from an account at one bank to an account at another. This is where it takes 3 days to make a transfer and you wonder why. More generally, an automated clearing house (ACH) is a computer-based electronic network for processing transactions. If your bank asks for a phone number, then use this one: 323-250-0513.

Anyway, banks will call these different names, like “transfer money”, or “Bill Pay”, or “Pay someone”.

It doesn’t really matter: when you choose to send money to someone else from your bank account, then the ACH is probably the system that handles the transaction. Some more modern banks use blockchain transfers, but they are still few and far between. If you’re interested in blockchain technology you will probably know that Ripple (Symbol XRP) solves this problem. The hyperlinks in this paragraph go to Wikipedia pages.

Bank: Bank of America
Account Holder: Uwe Wichmann
Account number: 488061588002
ACH Routing Number: 111000025
Bank Address: Bank of America, 3500 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212
Account Address: 2014 W MACARTHUR RD # E001, Wichita, KS 67217

Please Note:

Please make sure that we can identify that you are the sender of your payment. The best way is to send us an email with “I just sent you a payment of {amount}”.

“Wire” payments:

If you choose to “wire” us funds, then please be aware that our bank will charge us $16 in “Wire Transaction Fee”, so please add that to your payment. The Routing Number for “Wires” is 026009593, which is different from the normal ACH routing number.

Don’t: Pay by PopMoney or CashApp

We cannot accept Popmoney payments. Their service is rubbish and unreliable and they make you wait on the phone forever for “customer service”.

Pay by Check

How to send the check:

  1. Make the check out to Uwe Wichmann 
    • NOT to Zenith Herbal
    • NOT to Janet West
    • NOT to Shannon Hartup
  2. Write the order number on the check
  3. Send the check (with the order number!) to:
    • Shannon Hartup
      2014 W MACARTHUR RD E001
      WICHITA KS 67217


Some countries have regulations that make it difficult to sell natural health products (e.g. EU, Australia), while others achieve the same goal by making it impossible for us to get paid (e.g. Canada) by restricting access to banking services for non-residents.



INTERAC: if your bank uses the INTERAC system for money transfers then DON’T. We would need a Canadian bank account to do a transfer and we cannot get one.

Account Holder: Uwe Wichmann
Account number: 488061588002
ACH Routing Number: 111000025
Bank Address: Bank of America, 3500 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212
Account Address: 2014 W MACARTHUR RD # E001, Wichita, KS 67217

Pay with Bitcoin

Steps to Pay by Bitcoin:

  1. Select Pay by Bitcoin on the Checkout Page
Woocommerce Checkout Page
2. Proceed to pay by Bitcoin by Scanning QR code or sending payment to our BTC address.
Woocommerce Bitcoin Payment Page

3. Bitcoin Payment Received Successfully

Bitcoin Payment for Woocommerce Received

If you use multiple stores/sites online, please create separate GoUrl Payment Box (with unique payment box public/private keys) for each of your stores/websites. Do not use the same GoUrl Payment Box with the same public/private keys on your different websites/stores.


All too Complicated? Do this!

Phone your bank and ask them this:

I need to pay someone who has a BoA account and can take payments either directly to their email address, which I have, or to their bank account where I have the routing number and account number. What do you think that I should do?

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  1. Yes. We have received your payment and processed your order.

  2. I just sent my payment through Zelle for order # 155866. Hopefully I did it right.
    Lynn Wurtz

  3. We don’t ship from Murrieta, and there is no stock in Murietta.

  4. I am in San Diego CA, so Murrieta CA is near by. I am wondering if I can just pick up my order and pay right there in cash?

  5. Phone your bank and ask them.

  6. I’m not sure why people ask me about their hassles using Zelle. 99% of people have no problem at all; it’s dead easy to set up and use. If your bank’s implementation of the Zelle service is somehow weird, then why not ask them? Or Zelle, for that matter?

  7. I am attempting to set up a Zelle payment. Zelle asks for First & Last names, but there’s apparently no way to enter an e-mail address. What should I DO?

  8. Hi Michelle. Many thanks for your comments; you will see that I have updated the relevant information on this page, which will hopefully ease the difficulty for many people. Hugh

  9. I tried to send my payment by Zelle and my bank has a required line for first name and last. I called my bank and asked about it and was told the reason is to be sure the person on the other side is reputable that I am giving my money to. I have ordered from you before when you could use visa processor and I have gotten my orders so I know you are a reputable company. Can I make up a last name or use Wichmann? Last name is the only thing stopping me from placing an order. Thank you for your reply

  10. That is really odd since Zelle was created with the express PURPOSE of paying to an email address. Who knows what your bank is up to, but personally I’d report them to the Zelle organization. Thanks for sending a check, and for your order.

  11. When entering ‘new recipient’ to my zelle, it would not accept an email address and asked for a mobile # which is not provided, so I will include the 5% discount, and send a check.

  12. Say what? You don’t know what a check is, or a bank transfer?

  13. I have placed an order but am unfamiliar with your required modes of payment. I will, therefore, cancel my order until I can figure this out.

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