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What is Bloodroot?


The Bloodroot Information Hub is the most complete information site about Bloodroot on the internet.
Go there first if you’re new to this.



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Where are the Instructions on how to use the Products?

Bloodroot Salve
Bloodroot Capsules

Which payment methods are currently available?

Zelle, Checks, ACH Transfers, Direct Deposit

Can I call you? What’s your phone number?

Please do not call us; we are not staffed to answer phone calls. Instead, please use the Support button to the bottom right of every page, or go to our Forum specifically for this purpose.

How long should Bank Transfers take to arrive?

Zelle is immediate, anything else depends on your bank.

How to buy in Aus and NZ?

The authorities have started prosecuting sellers of Bloodroot and Gumby-Gumby products. We no longer sell to, or ship to, these countries. Sorry.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in the USA by third party manufacturers who make these custom formulations to our specifications.

Is this site secure?

We have security on two levels. 1) All communication between your browser and our server is SSL-128 encrypted, and 2) Our site is secured against spammers and data thieves by a professional firewall.

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