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Our Bloodroot Products

Bloodroot Salve with DMSO

Deep Tissue Bloodroot Salve 25ml

in Amber Glass Jar for UV Protection



Bloodroot Capsules (Triple Strength)

Now With Cat’s Claw and Papaya!

The BEST formula ever.



Customer Reviews

10 mins ago
BK Zimmer
(verified owner)

Works excellent, especially in conjunction with capsules

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10 mins ago
BK Zimmer
(verified owner)

I am treating breast cancer with the capsules and salve and having excellent success. Several tumors have come out during the past couple of months. Attached is photos of the most recent…the largest yet, with another remaining underneath it.

Verified reviewVerified review – view original

5 days ago
(verified owner)

I am taking the capsules, I need more time for result 😺

Verified reviewVerified review – view original

1 week ago
(verified owner)

The best product ever!!

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Zenith Herbal is actively looking for ways to streamline payments and make it easier for everybody. The nature of the products makes it difficult for us to use popular payment options like PayPal and Venmo.

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Third-party manufacturers in the USA make these custom formulations to our specifications.

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