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Breaking News

7 November 2019:

As expected, Facebook has now gotten around to shutting our Discussion Group down. ๐Ÿ™‚

A general rule is “Go woke, go broke“. I certainly hope this applies to Facebook over the long term too.

Thank goodness for MeWe, and our support group on Mewe!

I’ll send out a Newsletter to all customers and subscribers too.


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We have moved our Support efforts away from Facebook to MeWe, which is a platform that is similar to Facebook, but without all the ads and the privacy problems.

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Checks, Transfers, Zelle, ACH

How long should Bank Transfers take to arrive?

Zelle and Bitcoin are immediate, anything else depends on your bank.

Where can I order by Credit Card or Paypal?

Sorry, not possible.

How to buy in Aus and NZ?

The authorities have started prosecuting sellers of Bloodroot and Gumby-Gumby products. We no longer sell to, or ship to, these countries. Sorry.