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Bloodroot Salve has been used for various skin lesions and one way to use Bloodroot. There are many ways to fight cancer Be very aware of what you put in and on your body. People have reported good results from many alternative treatments. Here is one way that we have done it.

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Here are some excerpts from Bloodroot Salve users’ testimonials.

Black salve is such a great product.  In 2007, my uncle cured himself of a very aggressive form of bladder disease by refusing chemo and using the black salve capsules.  I recommend this constantly to others.  I know he would love to do a testimonial because he went around telling everyone.  The doctors were amazed, but not real pleased to hear he had healed himself with black salve.  They told him the black salve was sort of like a natural chemo but they could not recommend it because it was not FDA approved!   Diane
I‘ve been salving my breast for over a year now and have extracted four pieces of tumour the latest being a whopper. I’m also a liver transplant recipient and suffered an episode of rejection a year ago which I healed completely with black salve.  Thank you. 😊  Ethna

I’m amazed! I started using salve in 2019. Had a few spots that I certainly didn’t salve right (mostly in the after care).It’s been years, and I’m at a point, where, I can’t afford to not salve anymore.I salved two moles on my left shoulder (I know, you’re only supposed to do one spot at a time, but I felt like these two are connected. I’m audhd and would always find myself playing with the two of them (touching)), and the outreach beyond the moles, is why I’m amazed.I do see a derm regularly, and bring certain spots to attention, but these? For some reason… it felt like they were changing so I gave it a shot. I wrecked my skin. I’m 37, and did tanning beds in my youth, as well as chemical filled sunscreens. I’m paying for it now. I make my own sunscreen (derm approved, even), and skin care. I’m trying to do right by my skin, now. I’ll put the photos in the comments for observation. I did a 48hr salve, starting 2 days ago. I filed the moles prior to application, put salve on with water proof bandaids for 24hrs. Could feel it reacting.Then took the bandages off, and salve, washed the spots, and felt one more application for another 24hrs was needed. I’m glad I did, because the reach was more. I’m using the healing balm by zenith for after care. I never invested in the past, but did recently, and I’m so glad I did.I also use zenith black salve. 😊  Lindsay

I was already using black salve, but I wanted back up for the large devil that attacked my lower leg. I got (bloodroot capsules) and took them. Happily I had no reaction, and the two by four inch place on the leg is now about healed, only some dead skin left to fluff off. Hey, it hurt bad and for hours for several weeks. I lost a lot of sleep. I did not tell my wife or sister or anyone about my problem until it was under control. They would freak out and try to make me go to a doctor. Anyway, our self help natural plan has worked. I am so thankful to God for giving us these herbs, and thankful that we had the faith and common sense to use what He provides.  Billy
I was diagnosed with a melanoma on my nose about a year ago and I had the surgery. It left a scar but at the time I traded it for what I thought would be peace of mind. Since then, the same doctor found two more spots and I was a little reluctant to go the surgery route again. So I got some black salve and applied it to the spot. I’m starting to think its a diseases, so I applied the black salve to the main spot on my shoulder. It did just what the videos and pictures I have seen show! The whole  process took about 11 days and the core fell out about a month ago. It has filled in completely already and is just a little red…  Gregory
Last fall, my son’s fiancée called me asking what it was that my Uncle D. had used to cure himself of a very aggressive ailment . One of her friends wanted to help her grandfather who had been told the chemotherapy he had been taking was not working and the aggressive lung disease was inoperable. They gave him six months to live, at the most. His granddaughter ordered the black salve immediately and he began taking it. Within four months, the tumors were shrinking. The doctors wanted to know what he was doing and he refused to tell them. He’s 83 and very determined to keep his secret from them. Anyway, my son called last week to let me know the illness is gone. He does still have the other lung problems he has had for many years, but no more ailement . The cure took place in less than a year! The doctors continue to ask him for an explanation, but he still refuses to tell them. He wants to spread the word himself but not through the medical profession.  Diane
Canine sickness Cure? One dog’s successful outcome with Neoplasene (a bloodroot product): We noticed a swelling on the top of our Saluki Zoomie’s head about an inch from her right ear, about the size of a dime, although on most days she didn’t seem to be aware of it. In time, we noticed her scratching the area and took her in for an evaluation mid-January 2009.
Thank you for a great product. I had a freckle above each knee, and about three months ago, one of them turned red and ragged, and would not heal. The doctor said it was most likely a melanoma, so I was out of there. I got your salve and put some on each spot. The brown freckle did not react but the red one reacted immediately. Within a week, a strange white dome-shaped piece came out on the dressing. I could see another spot of white tissue in the cavity so I reapplied. Six times in six weeks, the same thing happened. Sometimes there was blood and occasionally pus. The thing inside seemed to have tentacles. At one point I could see white things that looked like noodles. It was pretty gross. Eventually, the hole was clean, and after three weeks, it has just about healed completely. Roseanne 
For years I had a scabby spot on my cheekbone that would not heal. When it started to get sore, I decided it was time to try the salve. I tested it on my arm as I was advised, and nothing happened. The spot on my face became very sore and red almost immediately, with a white circle around it. Seven days later a large round scab came off, and it was shiny white underneath. It was kind of scary at the time, but it’s healing really well. Thanks so much.  Cheryl
Yes, I have c***** – but I was diagnosed two years ago and told that if I didn’t have ‘treatment’ immediately I would die. Well – I’m still here – and healthier than I’ve been for a long time lol. My lump also hasn’t got any bigger for the whole time I’ve been using the alternative treatment. (It initially got much bigger after they did the biopsy though and that’s when it began to get painful). I’ve tried a few different alternative treatments so far. One of the most effective, visual ones (one I could see physically working) was a black salve. I managed to extract part of my tumor out through my skin,  but it was so painful. I wouldn’t recommend anyone try it without having some pain relief on hand. Unfortunately, it was a waste of time even asking my doctor for some because our laws prevent my doctor from helping me in any way to overcome c***** using alternative therapies. I know the black salve sounds ridiculous and if I hadn’t experienced it for myself I wouldn’t have believed it, but I found out that it was widely used many years ago for the treatment of c*****. Apparently, it’s very similar to the Hoxsey treatment. Sometimes I think certain things work for some and other things for others. The black salve, however, works – FULL STOP. Research it, you’ll be amazed. Jennifer
Of course, you’ll find Quackwatch telling that it doesn’t work and that it burns your skin but it’s not true – I’m living proof of that. Before I used it, I tried it on a bit of healthy skin for a day or so and NOTHING HAPPENED. That says it all. (The pH is too close to neutral.) I had to persist with the salve where my tumor is, and I think I had success because my tumor is actually attached to the underside of my skin and that’s why after a few applications it came into contact. I can’t tell you how painful it was though once it started killing c***** . I haven’t been brave enough to try it on the rest although I know for sure that if I were in a life/death situation I could get rid of it that way. It’s yet another example of a cure that can’t be patented so they’ll do their utmost to ban it. It’s actually been banned now for use in humans but not for use on animals, so many sites have to sell it under the guise of it being for someone’s pet. You also know it’s not a scam when these people actually tell you how to make it. The problem is the herbs used to make it have been banned in the UK so not much chance of that. All I can say is it works – and my family knows it works so they now no longer worry about most c***** . Michele