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This is not for health related questions, instead go to the Discussion Groups for that.

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Ordering your bloodroot products should be a breeze, and we’re committed to making your experience smooth and hassle-free.  Please visit our Support Page and we’ll promptly address your inquiries.

A heads-up: we cannot take credit card payments. Or Paypal. Yes, we know, but please understand that banks consider this to be “alt-med” and will close processing accounts at the drop of a hat.  But we can take checks, direct transfers, Zelle, and even Bitcoin. See the Payment Options page.

For medical questions and discussions, we invite you to join our engaging social media groups. Connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights in a community focused on natural remedies and wellness.

Rest assured, our aim is to provide friendly and reliable assistance every step of the way. We strive to make our content easy to read and comprehend, ensuring that you have a pleasant and informative experience.

Medical Discussion

We Provide Social Media Groups for discussion of Bloodroot.

We cannot, for legal reasons, make claims about the efficacy of our products. But you can, most certainly, have discussions and get help from other people who often will be more knowledgable than any of us here.

Our online discussion groups are perfect for this, and our personal choice is MeWe. See you there!

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What are Bloodroot and Bloodroot Salve?

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Discussion Groups

Discuss with other enthiasts and give and get hints and help


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About Us

How and when we started, what we do now and who we are. 

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