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Bloodroot, a comprehensive Guide with more Information about Bloodroot


Bloodroot Salve, a unique formulation primarily composed of bloodroot powder and zinc chloride, has been utilized for over a century and a half. Contrary to common misconceptions, it is not a “drawing salve” and differs from bloodroot paste. Dermatological surgeons and veterinarians have found it effective in removing cancers, and it is known as zinc or bloodroot paste, or Mohs Paste in professional circles. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Bloodroot Salve, its properties, and its usage. 

Information About Bloodroot

The Mechanism of Bloodroot Salve

Bloodroot Salve is classified as a selective escharotic, meaning it targets only neoplasms (abnormal growths), which subsequently become eschar (a type of dead tissue that sloughs off from healthy skin). The salve does not harm normal tissue, nor does it cause burning or corrosion. It is essential to note that the formation of eschar is not due to burning or corrosion but is a part of the natural healing process involving dead tissue cells and white blood cells.

The Interaction with the Immune System

The salve interacts with questionable lesions in a unique way. It makes the lesion visible to the body’s immune system, which then initiates an attack. This combined reaction between the immune system and the salve results in inflammation characterized by redness, heat, pus, and pain. The salve and the white blood cells target the lesion, leading to its eventual ejection from the body, leaving a cavity.

The Journey of Healing

Before deciding to use the salve on yourself or a pet, it is crucial to do your homework. Be prepared and know what to expect. Seek a diagnosis or an opinion and, if possible, use an experienced practitioner. It is also beneficial to look at the stories of other people who have used the salve. The stages of treatment, including the formation of eschar and decavitation (when the tumor comes out), may not be visually appealing, but they are necessary steps toward healing.

Controversies and Misconceptions

Despite its effectiveness, many doctors and practitioners have faced condemnation or threats for using Black Salve. Photos of Salve treatments have been used to horrify the public, but these images rarely show the area after healing. It is important to understand that the salve is not designed to remove non-cancerous or precancerous warts and moles. Bloodroot paste, not salve, is used for such conditions.


It is your body and your health, and you have options. A wealth of information is available to help you make an informed decision. Do not make your decision to please others. It is easier than you think to find the right alternative. Always remember to weigh up the alternatives and choose the one that seems right for you.