The Story of Zenith Herbal

Ruth had known about black salve for years and was constantly amazed by what it could do. Then in 2014 Ruth and Hugh found themselves in northern Thailand, land of the exotic – with a clean slate before them. What could they do next? They wanted a business to support them, and one that would also help other people.

Within a month, Hugh had built the first website “naturalblacksalve.com.” Then a small box of ingredients arrived, and Ruth began to make the salve, and an aloe gel healing gel with DMSO. They used little honey jars at first and had labels made at the local print shop. Small beginnings. There were problems with the website name, with Paypal, problems with Amazon, problems with Google… but Hugh is nothing if not persistent.

As of June 2019, Ruth and Hugh have sadly gone their own ways and Ruth is no longer with the business. As time goes by, the internet is becoming a less free place to do business: we have been “de-banked” by Paypal, Stripe, and all the rest of them. Right now, Zenith Herbal is more a labor of love than a full-fledged business.

We have reduced our product line to only those products that make sense in the way that people use bloodroot. At the same time, we are trying to move our support group and platform away from Facebook, which we fear may well start limiting access to things that they don’t approve of, as they have already been doing in political and cultural discussions.

Ruth’s Bloodroot Experience

“Bloodroot is my favorite herb. If I had listened to QuackBotch or the FDA, I would now be broke, dead from cancer – or – more likely – from the chemotherapy. For years I had a freckle on my thigh, and then it developed into a melanoma. I used bloodroot, and five weeks later the thing was gone. Two years later and there has been no recurrence.”